Multiple Updates — Where belief gets in the way of sanity and logic, you’ll find Islam.

Starving Somali Muslims begin fasting for Ramadan.

Somali militiamen prey on refugees fleeing famine.

Hey, aren’t all involved Mus…… Oops !  No profiling !

The UN is holding a conference for donors…… It’s delayed.

It’s the gun’s fault…… Wait…… Is one of the guns a 12,000 caliber automatic pistol named “BushBeckPalin” ?

(Reuters) – Somalia’s famine refugees, weakened by months of drought, on Monday began Islam’s punishing Ramadan fast amid the tents and shacks of the world’s largest refugee camp.

“Because of the famine, we’ve been going for days without any food anyway,” said 25-year-old Mohamed Dubow Saman, comforting his daughter outside their emergency shelter in Dadaab camp, just over Somalia’s border in neighboring Kenya.

“That was a fast without reward. At least this fast is inspired by God,” he said.

The moral of the story: Never let a nation-killing famine and drought along with an accompanying genocide get in the way of perpetuating pure evil.

That’s what Israel, Jews, The United States, Americans and the rest of the western world are up against.

You can’t fix stupid and you can’t reason with true believers.

Which of course, leads to the first update……


5:30pm Eastern, 2 August 2011.

Somali militiamen prey on refugees fleeing famine.

DHOBLEY, Somalia (AP) – Somalis with new uniforms and guns they say were bought by Kenya’s government are supposed to be guarding the Somali-Kenya border against al-Qaida-linked militants. But many don’t get paid, and some sell their weapons or prey on refugees fleeing famine.

This new breed of gunman in an area awash with weapons is making the trek from Somalia’s parched landscape even more dangerous for thousands of defenseless refugees.

Among the latest victims of the lawlessness were a 13-year-old girl and her two sisters, who fled Somalia with their parents. After the family crossed into Kenya, gunmen stopped their donkey cart, robbed the parents and kidnapped the girls.

Allow me to re-write the above into easily understandable wording.

Typical bitter Allah-clingers project their love of peace against starving and defenseless fellow peace lovers for not being peace-loving enough.

Fershtay ?


Update 2 – 9:30 Eastern on 4 August 2011.

The United Nations declared three new regions in Somalia to be famine zones on Wednesday, expanding the area where the highest rates of malnutrition and deaths are taking place, including the refugee camps in the capital of Mogadishu.

Two other areas had earlier been declared famine zones, and the United Nations said that famine is likely to spread across all regions of Somalia’s south in the next four to six weeks.

Earlier on Wednesday, an official with the African Union said a donor conference to raise aid money had been postponed for at least two weeks because it had not been scheduled with enough notice to allow heads of state to attend.

The biggest part of the delay in holding the donor conference is lining up the proper caterer and wine list.


Update 5 August 2011, 10:00 Eastern.

(Reuters) – At least 10 Somalis, among them refugees, were killed on Friday during a firefight that broke out in Mogadishu when troops and residents looted truckloads of food meant for famine victims, two witnesses said.

Earlier one witness said he saw a soldier killed and dozens of refugees wounded at Badbaado camp, home to some 30,000 refugees.  Early on Friday government troops fired shots and fought amongst themselves as they looted maize and oil.

Can’t we all just get a long ?


Not when The Religion Of Peace is involved.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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7 Responses to Multiple Updates — Where belief gets in the way of sanity and logic, you’ll find Islam.

  1. Aussie Bloke! says:

    Well lets hope “Darwin’isam” decides to take full advantage and thin out the numbers,….

  2. […]Kenny over at Israel Survival Updates writes about Starving Somalia Muslims preparing to fast for Ramadan. You can’t make this stuff up.[…]

  3. faboutlaws says:

    Somalia is only the beginning. Egypt is next. No tourism, no gas payments, no foreign exchange, slovenly agriculture. Five million beginning to starve by December. Syria is at Egypt’s heels. I expect economic collapse in January. A half dozen more countries in the Magreb will follow. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group.

  4. […] This post was Twitted by sheryl2311 […]

  5. Aussie Bloke! says:

    Don’t worry everyone,…
    The UN ‘small arms trade treaty’ will fix it for them,…

    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!,……

    Nah,.. seriously!


  6. Andreas K. says:

    I love how they call it “Islam’s punishing Ramadan fast”. Such a lie. The Ramadan is not fastening in the Christian or East Asian sense.

    You just don’t eat or drink anything as long as the sun is up. Once it’s down, it’s free for all. It’s horrifyingly unhealthy and it comes as no surprise to me, that there are significant health issues among the mohammedan populations.

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