Barney Hearts Jonathan.

Makes perfect sense.

A thoroughly typical Democrat defending a traitor.

Democratic Representative Barney Frank made a rare speech from the floor of the Congress Tuesday on behalf of clemency for Jonathan Pollard.

“I believe that in addition to the arguments based on the excessive length of the sentence, I think, the fact that Mr. Pollard has served for so long, clearly the deterrent effect is there; we are not asking that he be pardoned; we are not condoning his crime,” the Massachusetts legislator said in his short speech.

Um…. Reprehensible Representative Frank…… Sir…… Mr. Pollard is what’s known as a “traitor”.

Defining the word…… Traitor – Trey-tohr – Noun/descriptive…… A person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

If further definition of the term is required Sir, please consult the closest mirror.

If we had honest media, the headline would be “Bweaking stowy — Bawney Fwank wants teh twaitow Powwawd weweased fwom pwison.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Tea-Partying Terrorist Hobbit…… Reaganhu Akhbar !

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One Response to Barney Hearts Jonathan.

  1. daryl d duke says:

    Let blubber lips barney join him in his cell. They could have love-in. What disgusting human, no homo being

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