Obama’s next war: Syria.


From Israel National News:

The Russian newspaper Izvestia quoted on Friday Russia’s representative in NATO Dmitry Rogozin as saying that that NATO has began planning a military operation against Syria.

Rogozin made ​​it clear, however, that Russia will oppose the use of force against Syria as it was opposed to the use of force against Libya.

Let’s pre-write the upcoming Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy media template, shall we ?

First and foremost, “It’s Bush’s fault !”

Second, “If it wasn’t for all those Tea-Partying Terrorist Hobbits, none of this would be going on.”

Third, “Make sure to let every civilian in the about-to-be-affected areas know they’re going to be bombed so they can evacuate…… Of course the bad guys will stay where they are.”


I’ll stop now.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
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6 Responses to Obama’s next war: Syria.

  1. Andreas K. says:

    Gotta love it. American, French, British and German soldiers (among others) will fight to remove one tyrant and replace him with a system far worse than what they currently have in Syria.

    Smart power indeed.

  2. Another country handed to Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood? 2001 Al Qaeda used passenger jets to launch Airstrikes on America. 2011 Al Qaeda just calls Obomba to launch Airstrikes FOR Al Qaeda.

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