Somali government declares Islamist rebellion defeated.


(Reuters) – Somali President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed said on Saturday his military had defeated Islamist rebels battling to overthrow his Western-backed government after the al Shabaab group began withdrawing fighters from the capital Mogadishu.

If even one of the damnable peace lovers is still breathing, then y’all haven’t defeated squat.

Wait…… Why are the lunatics retreating from Mogadishu ?

They never give up.


It’s not in their DNA to walk away.

What’s coming in from them that could effect everybody they want to take out and not do anyth…… Yes, they’re that genocidal.

ANYONE who’s not exactly like the by-the-book peace lovers is a target for conversion, submission or instant death.

Previously at I.S.U. regarding Somalia:  Where belief gets in the way of sanity and logic, you’ll find Islam.

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