Israel’s got gas…… Oil too.

So of course…… Lebanon (read that as Hizbullah) and Iran are now ‘cooperating’ in regards to declaring war over Israel’s discovery of two massive gas and oil fields within Israel’s own territorial waters.

Did you expect anything less ?

Iran reported that the oil and gas fields discovered by the ”Zionist regime” are in districts “belonging to Lebanon’s economic zone monopoly, which have been occupied.”

The discovery of the gigantic Tamar and Leviathan gas fields 80 miles off Israel’s northern coast is considered to be the biggest in years, with the field possibly having the world’s largest gas reserves. Commercial quantities of oil also are indicated.

Since the discovery, Lebanon has claimed the field is in its territorial waters, and Hizbullah, which dominates the coalition government along with pro-Syrian elements, has said it will back Lebanon, using force if necessary.

Israel needs to make the statement officially: “Bring it.”

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Just so you understand the amount of Israel’s natural resources in this one area, click here, then click here and also, click here.

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2 Responses to Israel’s got gas…… Oil too.

  1. Andreas K. says:

    Finders keepers.

  2. faboutlaws says:

    The Hezbollah Navy might be of some concern. Its flagship is the fearsome HSS Nasrallah, a formidable two masted, wooden, dhow platformed aircraft carrier. It is able to launch six state of the art flying carpets loaded to the frills with islamic Hellthumper bunker busting 500lb rocks. And they have a compass on board. That device is jealously protected by the archers of the antiaircraft crew.

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