Call before you dig.


Hamas telecommunications officials claimed Wednesday an IDF bulldozer damaged a communications cable and cut all phone and Internet networks in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

An Israeli armored Caterpillar D9R bulldozer in Israel. Its armor allows it to work under heavy fire.

The blackout was reportedly caused late Tuesday by a military bulldozer operating in Nahal Oz, close to the Hamas terror enclave.

Dontcha just hate when accidents happen ?

“Repairs have allowed the gradual resumption of communications,” the officials said.

The IDF spokesperson’s office denied the army was “responsible for the incident,” but added that it was willing to “help restore communications.”

Don’t help them with anything !

Leave the genocidal scum unable to communicate.

The peace loving telecom system can rot.

Let their fantastic tops-of-their-classes Wyle E. Coyote Super Genius ‘Muslim Scientists’ take care of fixing the accident.

Hey, it was an accident…… Wasn’t it ?

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  1. faboutlaws says:

    Where was Rachel Corrie when you really needed her?

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