UPDATED – Warren Weinstein: “intelligent, gener……”…… Wait…… WHAT ?!?

American-Jewish UN Contractor ‘taken hostage’ in Pakistan.

“Intelligent” ?

WTF ?!?!?

Scroll down for updates……

His own people have no idea why he would be taken…… Dangerous leftist idiots…… No ransom, no leads, no common sense being used.

— — — — —

The man, identified by the US embassy as Warren Weinstein, works for the consulting firm J.E. Austin Associates, and was working on a development project in the country’s lawless tribal areas, where Pakistani troops have been battling Islamist insurgents for years.

American-Jewish ‘aid worker’ in a peace-loving hot zone that’s been hotly loving peace for generations.

Nothing to see here !

……and now, the ‘but wait, there’s more’ part of the program:

Take a look at J.E. Austin Associates.

Surprise !  A liberal-left NGO working with ICR2P /The UN.

Doesn’t take much to find out about the left now – They’re all out in the open, because they think they won already.

By the way, if the peace lovers didn’t pre-target the guy because he was both American and Jewish, they hit a jackpot by sheer ‘luck’. Mr. Weinstein has two chances: 1. An in-close already SeAL team knowing where the peace lovers took him and 2. None.

— — — — —

Update 1 – 15 August 2011 11:00am Eastern.

The American aid expert kidnapped at gunpoint in Pakistan had not been threatened and was working legally in the country, a colleague told AFP on condition of anonymity Monday.

Police have so far drawn a blank over the kidnapping that saw Warren Weinstein struck on the head with a pistol and driven off from his home in Lahore by gunmen in the early hours of Saturday.

There has been no claim of responsibility and the most officers have been able to establish is that he was targeted because of his nationality, particularly sensitive in a country with rampant anti-Americanism.

“We are unclear why Weinstein was kidnapped. We don’t know what the motives are,” said a senior Pakistani employee at J.E. Austin Associates, the Virginia-based consultancy for which the American works.

Once a deaf dumb and blind leftist, always a deaf dumb and blind leftist.

Hey schmuck, Mr. Weinstein’s name alone should give you a clue.

Dang it, I forgot again……

It can’t happen here, because we’re all the same and if we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us, then everyone throughout the land will receive hope and change delivered by The Magic Prayer Rug Rider himself.

These morons are willingly aiding and abetting evil.

Sorry, but I have ZERO sympathy.

— — — — —

Update 2, 16 August 2011 ; 8:30am Eastern.

No leads…… None.


Ahmed Raza Tahir, the police chief in the eastern city of Lahore where Warren Weinstein was abducted, said on Tuesday that the kidnappers have not contacted authorities or made any ransom demands.

Tahir says police are still questioning Weinstein’s driver and the four men who were guarding his house when he was taken to determine whether they played any role.

Hussain Bhatti, who worked with Weinstein in Pakistan, said the American decided to replace the security company guarding his house in recent months because of general threats to U.S. citizens working in Pakistan. But he did not know who would have targeted Weinstein.

I can tell ya who targeted Mr. Weinstein.

So can anyone with a micron’s worth of partially operational brain cells.

— — — — —

Update 3, 17 August 2011, 10:30pm Eastern.

Mike Redwood, a leather industry consultant from Somerset, England, said Wednesday that he had befriended Weinstein while they worked together on “a strategic plan for the Pakistani leather industry.”

“He’s incredibly intelligent, he’s incredibly resourceful and quick-witted, and if his health is OK, he’s the one person that I could imagine would be able to handle something like this,” Redwood said.

Mr. Redwood, a question sir.

If your buddy Mr. Weinstein is/was so doggone “incredibly intelligent”, what in the name of all that is holy is he doing in one of the hottest of hot peace-loving zones on the planet ?

Adding to that Mr. Redwood, if your buddy Mr. Weinstein is/was so doggone “incredibly intelligent”, realizing that he was in one of the hottest of hot peace-loving zones on the planet with you, why didn’t he use his being “incredibly resourceful” self to get the two of you the hell out of there, because your “incredibly intelligent” and “incredibly resourceful” buddy is Jewish and the peace-loving peace lovers aren’t all that fond of Jews and do things to us like pop us over the head with rifle butts, then stuff us into vehicles, drive us into the depths of hell and cut our heads off – not just for kicks and not because they also actually enjoy it – because their damnable religion orders them to.

I must be a real sonofabitch, because I still have no – ZERO – sympathy.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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9 Responses to UPDATED – Warren Weinstein: “intelligent, gener……”…… Wait…… WHAT ?!?

  1. And the stupid pundits were asking why he was taken. Let’s see. American. Jew. That does it for them.

  2. faboutlaws says:

    As smart as Jews are as a people, there are an awful lot of them busting their asses to prove otherwise. The best outcome that can be hoped for is a quick death with a minimum of sawing.

  3. X says:

    Lefties never learn..

  4. Century25 says:

    It’s all about.. ‘getting in on the ground floor’. The $$$ syndicate sent their expert. Oh well.. what is that thing about ex-spurts.. umm.

    Also, let us start thinking. All on our own. This.. leftists and right-winger’s crap, why aren’t we ‘getting it’..? Look, it’s all about divide and conquer. Americans are being pitted against one another. Our country has been vulgarized by the scumbag media. And dumbed down by same media/press. Look up who owns ‘our press’ – our media.. Then, look back at history.

  5. nebeeseer says:

    Kenny I don’t understand you think this guy was a plant or a real kidnapping. And I can’t understand Jews who are rabidly socialist…talk about in bed with the enemy…thanks put your blog on my speed dial. hey also you might like the ettinger report…good stuff…..toda rava ach barchot ve tefilliot!!

    • kennysolomon says:

      Don’t for a second put it past the left to ‘plant’ this guy with, or more likely, without his knowledge.

      Apparently he lived in MooseLimbLand for over four years.

      I honestly hate to say this, but the only way the left is gonna learn their lessons will be at the point of a Quranic sword…….. And I’m pretty sure they STILL won’t ‘get it’ even then.

  6. Andreas K. says:

    I hope he’ll enjoy it.

    Because, seriously, no sympathies from me. He’s a Jew, yet he works for the UN and goes to a country where “infidels” are second class citizens and which is ruled by a fascist ideology.

  7. Samir S. Halabi says:

    What Jewish ‘Majnun’ would want to work in pakland, a place where they hate Jews. When some iranian jews crossed over to pakistan in the 1980s to escape tyrannical Iran, many were beaten with sticks by those stinking Paki-Muslim vermin

    If Dr. Warren Weinstein is ever freed I will be very surprised, i imagine that he will receive the same treatment as poor daniel Pearl did ie. de-capitation. If you to choose between killing a Pak-Muslim or a snake, hands down it will be the pak first.

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