“Get up and let real Jews sit.”

Open hostility from the left.

Jew against Jew.

Civilian vs. Mi…… Wait…… WHAT ?!?

“The moment I got on the bus, the driver told me that I will have to stand because the seats are reserved,” he said.  He noted that he was surprised because he found no such information when he looked up the line on Egged’s website.

According to the officer, an Egged inspector then arrived and yelled at him and the other soldiers to “get up and let real Jews sit.”

That’s right in line with Knesset Defense Committee Chairman Mofaz and the left’s push for “social justice” over national defense.

Something’s rotten in Denmark Israel.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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One Response to “Get up and let real Jews sit.”

  1. faboutlaws says:

    Old testament like crazies, trying to affect an 18th century Russian fashion statement, insulting to everyone and shirking their defense obligations to the nation. If these idiots were in charge, Israel would have died the day it was born. Can we trade them for Schalit?

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