Peace-loving praise, new peace loving events and even more peace loving on the way.

At what point does Israel say “enough” ?

Articles courtesy of Israel National News – Arutz Sheva.

These guys gotta be a laugh a minute.

We in the Tawheed and Jihad group bless these blessed arms that pounded the fortifications of the vendeta-filled Jewish enemy in the so-called Eilat area in southern occupied Palestine,” the group said in an Internet statement.

The Tawheed and Jihad group also mourned the leader of the Popular Resistance Committees who died in a retaliatory IAF strike on Thursday.

If the arms were blessed already, why’d y’all go and bless ’em again ?  They sneeze or somethin’ ?

More rocket attacks from Gaza.

Worshipers at an Ashdod synagogue say they experienced a miracle Friday morning when a rocket that hit the building failed to explode.  Three people were inside praying at the time. Early reports saying they were hurt were erroneous.

The synagogue is home to a Gur chassidic congregation.

The rocket’s telemetry package must have not read Qur’an, Sira and Hadith correctly.  It was supposed to be programmed to kill Jews as instructed by Allah.

……and of course, we can’t leave out Jerusalem……

Dozens of Arab men from Jerusalem managed to break down a police barrier early on Friday afternoon.  The incident took place outside the Shechem gate in the Old City.  Police responded immediately, using water blasters and stun bombs to restore order.

The night before, a young Arab man was caught with a knife at the Shechem gate.  He admitted to planning to stab a police officer, and was arrested.

On Friday morning a group of Arab men attacked police with stones elsewhere in the capital city. The police were unhurt. The attackers were arrested.

Awwwwww, isn’t that sweet: “Water blasters and stun bombs”.

But wait, there’s more.

We now hear from the peace-lovingest peace-lover in peace-lover-land talking about loving peace so much that he’s standing beside himself admiring all the peace being loved.

“Israel stands warned of any possible aggressive action or collective punishment measures against the Palestinian population in Gaza,” Erekat said in a statement, adding the terror attacks should not be used by Israel as “a pretext for aggression”.

The narcissistic paranoia exhibited by Fatah officials following Thursday’s deadly attacks underscores their own awareness Hamas and other terror organizations in Gaza may force Israel to take rational steps that dramatically alter the region’s strategic reality to secure its citizens and territory.

Sounds like somebody’s got a bad case of Peaceloveritis.   Hey bud, take two 9mm ‘tablets’ by mouth and don’t call me in the morning.

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One Response to Peace-loving praise, new peace loving events and even more peace loving on the way.

  1. faboutlaws says:

    I wonder what would happen if Israel tried this: Every time there is a rocket attack from Gaza, bomb the West Bank. Every time there is a massive riot in the West Bank, bomb Gaza. They’re a unity government right? Share the suffering, because they’re in it together. Ultimately it would get them back to fighting each other. As in: “You guys fired those rockets just to get Israel to bomb the PA. We will retaliate by sending a bomb to Israel from our side and we’ll kill any Hamas member on sight.”

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