“We know we have a problem with the U.N., which has been on a steady course to delegitimize the state of Israel for a long time.”



New tone and civility.

This is what can best be described as “shovel ready”.

The delegation from the House of Representatives was headed by Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price.

“The terrorist attacks by the Sinai border highlight the importance of ensuring that the borders between Israel, Egypt, and Gaza are fully monitored and secured.”

“With Egypt’s transition to a post-Mubarak government, the recent accord between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, Syria’s increasing violence against anti-regime protestors, and Iran’s pursuing nuclear weapons, it is critical that Israel stands strong during these volatile times.”

Scumbagicus Motormouthical Politinicoid – This species, native to the entire planet, will say anything to anyone for any reason, solely to achieve initial and/or renewal status per documented period of time.

Within what remains of the United States Of America and emerging from the lowest depths of sewage treatment plants, environmental cleanup sites and the pond behind your house, Scumbagicus Motormouthical Politinicoid Americus has two separate and distinct life-forms:   1. The R.I.N.O. – Regurgitater Ignoramusosaur Negligentic Offalsucka and 2. The D.E.M.L.I.B. – Democratico Evilonormal Motherin Lefticum Insanitus Bastargenator.

Neither sub-species is valued past the net content of the feces stored in their cranial cavities.

Extinction is predicted within a short time.

Illinois Republican CongressCritter™ Robert Dold is the gent who said “We know we have a problem with the U.N.”.   Sir, you haven’t the slightest clue about the “problem with the U.N.” and that leaves you either ignorant, willingly ignoring it, or worse, part of the “problem with the U.N.”, making you as dangerous as anyone in America.

The “problem with the U.N.” ?    Click here.

Further non-snarkacus projectoranating will not be forthcoming on this missive, as the odds of even one molecule of ‘new tone and civility’ emanating from this page is zero.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

10…… 9…… 8…… 7…………
Tool up…… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.

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  1. You are not alone. Keep me (us) posted. Thanx!

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