Christian Zionists Seek To Judaize Jerusalem

And the peace lovers threaten to love peace even more than before.

MK Ibrahim Sarsour, the head of the Ra’am Ta’al Arab party, urged Arab and Muslim leaders to wage war on Israel in a letter Monday.   He cited Christian Zionists as one of the elements conspiring to ‘Judaize’ Jerusalem.

Sarsour wrote that “The greatest danger to Al Quds [Jerusalem – Ed.] is and will remain the Israeli occupation, and there is no security to the Islamic and Arab character of Al Quds other than its liberation from the grip of the occupation and its return as a sister to holy Mecca and Medina.”

Israel seeks “to Judaize the Holy Basin” and this effort receives unlimited aid from “the government of Israel, world Jewry and Christian Zionism,” he added.

At the beginning of the article above, there’s a two-letter designation before Mr. Sarsour’s name — “MK”.

“MK” = Minister Of The Knesset.

Yessum, this terrorist is a bona-fide Minister in Israel’s Knesset – a member of the Israeli government.

Let’s mention The Ra’am-Ta’al United Arab List, shall we ?

In 2009, Israel’s Central Elections Committee banned Ra’am Ta’al from participating in the upcoming elections due to terrorism support, incitement of violence against Jews and The State Of Israel and also for refusing to recognize Israel’s right to exist.   In other words, they were classified as typical bitter Allah-clinging peace-lovers.

In a move consistent with past practice, the heavily leftist-tilted Israel’s Supreme Court overturned the ban and allowed these genocidal maniacs directly into positions of power in a nation they and others like them have openly sworn to destroy and who’s people they’ve openly sworn to murder down to the last…… doing that all in the name of their God and murderous pedophile prophet.

But that’s okay and here’s why:   Israel’s (Leftist Pacifist Peace-At-Any-Price) President Shimon Peres hosted a Ramadan dinner for the Quranimals serving in Israel’s government, because he and the Kadima and Labour parties swear up and down that “if we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us”.

How’s that hope and change working out for ya ?

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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3 Responses to Christian Zionists Seek To Judaize Jerusalem

  1. Andreas K. says:

    I don’t really fit into this image. I’m no Christian. I’m not even a Conservative. And I say: Jerusalem is Jewish. Without the Jews there would be no Jerusalem to quarrel over. So Ibrahim can just f*** off and go back to raping goats.

  2. rhnon says:

    Another Pharoah in the making? This is why most Jews do not trust people in Leadership positions..Too much lies that lead to war, then extermination. Jerusalem is the House of G-d! Its not the PLO, Arabs, or even the Israelis…Its G-ds House that He gave to the Jewish people to protect, and to hold on too..not to see it give away to her enemies.

  3. AK says:

    635 AD (oh the noes, I dare to use that) mohammedan armies invaded, conquered and occupied Christian Syria and Palestine.

    638 AD mohammedan armies attacked, coquered and occupied Jerusalem.

    Muslim invaders get out of Jerusalem!

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