Israel’s President Shimon Peres MUST be removed from office.




The article at Israel National News:

President Peres made a special visit to the Al-Jazzar Mosque in ancient Acre, where he was accompanied by Imam Sheikh Samir Assi.   The visit was in order to extend Ramadan greetings to the Muslim worshipers in Israel and overseas.

The Imam welcomed President Peres and said they shared a prayer for regional peace despite the upheavals in the Arab world.

The president said that “Spiritual leaders have an important role in the promotion of peace and the condemnation of terror. Faith and religion reject terror. We must all unite in our struggle for freedom and peace.”

President Peres, you seem to have a problem with priorities and even slight understanding of the term ‘mortal enemy’.

It wasn’t enough for you to just host these pure evil scum for a Ramadan dinner in Jerusalem ?

Now you actually go to one of their own genocide-planning centers to hang out for their arse-up-on-a-rug festival ?

And of course while there you couldn’t wait to run your gob about how peace-loving the peace lovers are when they love peace.

President Peres, Sir, you are a clear and present danger to The State Of Israel and the Jewish People.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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