IDF develops doctrine for accurate sniper fire

This should be good for a laugh or ten.

Actually, it won’t be.

The new doctrine was developed by the Paratroop Brigade, which was among the forces that stopped hundreds of people from crossing into Israel from Syria in early June during the last round of protests there that ended with more than 20 dead, according to the Syrian press. Israel says the number of dead was significantly lower.

The doctrine includes the use of the Amit targeting system, which was developed by Elbit Systems and became operational in the IDF following Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip in 2009.  The Amit weighs less than 2 kg., including an eight-hour rechargeable battery, and enables an operator to locate targets up to a kilometer away, under all weather conditions.

The Paratroop Brigade came up with the idea to use the Amit due to the poor visibility it encountered during the protests along the Syrian border.  “The snipers could not see well and we used the Amit, which can see in all weather, to put a laser designator on the legs of the protester and then the sniper shot at the laser,” an IDF Ground Forces Command officer explained.  “Our goal was not to kill people but to shoot at the legs of the violent protesters who were trying to cross into Israel. This made the shooting more accurate.”

In addition to instituting the use of the Amit, the IDF has also decided to procure new non-lethal weapons that will help disperse large demonstrations and marches that could break out in the West Bank and along Israel’s borders in the north.

Last month, the IDF decided to begin distributing throughout the infantry a new receiver for the standard-issue M-16 semi-automatic rifle that can enable it to shoot a 0.22 mm. round instead of the usual 5.56 mm. bullet. The smaller rounds are not as lethal when fired from a distance.

In addition, the IDF has purchased impact rounds for snipers for use with Remington M-24 7.62 mm. rifles. Impact rounds are usually made of non-lead materials and do not penetrate the skin but deal a painful blow.


You DO NOT play games with Muslim filth.

They are and have been committing overt acts of war in crossing into Israel, firing rockets and mortars into residential neighborhoods and cold-blooded-murder of civilians

At first opportunity, you terminate them with extreme prejudice.

The new “sniper doctrine” should be as follows:

1. Minimum personal armament is the standard M-16, chambered for .308 or .223/5.56 (AP / JHP required). Sidearm of personal choice, with magazine capacity no less than 15 rounds, unless .45ACP is selected – recommended rounds are ‘+P’ JHP / AP

2. Long shooters with armament of choice – Sig50, Barrett A2, etc. – All chambered for .50BMG – Specific loads per shooter request / assignment will be approved.

3. Border positions every 250-300 yards depending on terrain and field of view – Each station with at least one Dillon Aero M134 unit and a minimum of 25,000 rounds .50BMG pre-belted per unit per station.

4. Operational directive:  If it moves, permanently stop it from moving.

5. If CAP assistance is needed, please contact IAF with the following tasking: Direction and distance from position and the term “Git-R-Done”…… Then keep your head down for a few seconds.

That is all.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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3 Responses to IDF develops doctrine for accurate sniper fire

  1. Tell me this Kenny:

    What is Israel gonna take more heat for at this moment? Wounding or killing the enemy?

    Could this be a strategic move on their part? I have no idea, you are the expert.

    • kennysolomon says:

      The ‘heat’ they’ll take ?

      One of a thousand-eleventy-ten Quranimal scumbags in one place illegally crossing the border, armed, screaming Tally-Ho-Snackbar, falls all on his own and breaks a fingernail.

      He starts screaming TEH JUICE DID IT !

      At that point, his buddies start war-whoopin’ up a storm and the S gets real close to HTF. Rounds are flying one way – into Israel at the IDF.

      Obama and The State Department, every Moose Limb nation, the entire UN and most of the rest of world wants Israel brought up on attempted murder charges because of what happened to that poor unfortunate misunderstood piece of human debris.

      That’s part of the ‘heat’ that Israel will take.

      Meanwhile, they’re getting fired on by real mean and nasty evil-scary-looking guns and other weaponry.

      What do the folks in IDF fling back ?

      Nerf darts, ‘odor weapons’, half-caliber half-power copper loads……… Where the hell are we…… France ?

      These bastards have it in their DNA to kill every Jew in sight on sight.

      It’s about time that Israel wake up to that fact.

    • AK says:

      It doesn’t matter what Israel does, they will always get heat. If Israel hands out toys to children in Gaza, the pallys will spin it into a tale how the “eeeeevil Jooooooooooos” ™ want to kill the children. They will find a useful idiot from a foreign “aid organisation” who will confirm it and the media in the west will be eager to lap it all up.

      It’s like with America. No matter what America does in a given situation, the enemies will always scream. Just with Israel it’s much worse because Israel has the “eeeeevil Jooooooooooos” ™ and anti-Semitism is flourishing these days.

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