Typical genocidal maniac Peace Lover fully supports other typical genocidal maniac Peace Lover

It’s the typical genocidal maniac Peace lover way.

This guy:

Really likes this guy:

You can bet your sweet bippy the feeling is mutual.

……the Palestinian people and its leadership stand side by side with the brother country Sudan, and that they have complete faith in the wisdom of President Omar Al-Bashir in coping with these dangers. We emphasize our complete willingness to stand with Sudan in everything it wants and in the way it wants……

Just blow in his ear and he’ll follow you anywhere.

Look THAT up in your Funk and Wagnalls.

A top PA official said that the secession of South Sudan is a plot by the US and Israel to advance their interests. Tayeb al-Rahim, Director of Abbas’s bureau, said that Israel and the US want to make profits from Sudan’s oil resources and to make the world forget about the Israel-PA conflict.

Say goodnight, Dick.

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