Soldiers and police are simply afraid that the courts will persecute them if they use force against the enemy.

Reality in Israel.

“The fear of Supreme Court President Beinisch is upon the soldiers and policemen of Israel,” MK Katz said.

The face of deadly liberalism - Israel Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch.

“The behavior of the State Attorney’s Office and the legal system lately against security guards, policemen, soldiers and officers who staunchly defended the Nation of Israel – and were rewarded by being sent to jail – weakens the security forces,” he explained.

National Union Chairman And Knesset Minister Yaakov Katz.

“Fear and trembling seize them and in any confrontation between an Arab terrorist murderer and dozens of policemen, soldiers and guards, our men bleed with serious injuries and the Arab murderer emerges unscathed, and is already preparing for his release in the next release deal, so that he can plan the next massacre.”

Liberalism destroying the nation from within.

As bad, if not in some ways worse than the peace lovers direct action.

Another result of decades of liberalism and the absolutely insane policy in Israel that ‘if we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us‘.

By the way, Minister Katz isn’t kidding.  This is from about a year ago regarding the level of bizarro-world and leftist influence occurring:  IDF Officer Faces Probe for Defending Use of Force.

Justice Beinisch, sumptin’ needs splainin’ to ya:  The peace lovers ARE trying to kill every Jew on the planet and you’re helping them do it.  As far as I’m concerned, ma’am, you’re as guilty as they are – an accessory to terrorism, murder and pending genocide.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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5 Responses to Soldiers and police are simply afraid that the courts will persecute them if they use force against the enemy.

  1. Bruce O'H. says:

    I recently left this comment on a post at Israpundit. I retrieved it for use here, as it applies…

    “World opinion” is manufactured by the Left’s media. There are two main obstacles to peace for Israel and the West. Those are their internal enemies, the Left, and their external enemies, the Islamists/jihadists/Palestinians, whichever title fits in a given circumstance.

    We, Israel and the West, can not overcome, negotiate with, or if needs be, defeat, the external enemy as long as he is empowered, indeed, aided and abetted, by the internal enemy.

    Therefore, I believe that we have to remove the Left from all vestiges of power, in every rung of society, before we will have a chance of dealing with our external enemies on an equal footing.

    The friend of my enemy is my enemy…

    • kennysolomon says:

      To me, the really sad and scary part of all this is of those friends of the enemy of humanity, many of them are Jewish themselves.

      I’ve never understood how that becomes ingrained and never will.

  2. Andreas K. says:

    Reality in Europe, too.

    Whenever there’s a case there a police officer has to use force (in whatever shape) here in Austria, the very first thing that happens is that the LEO is taking the blame. It’s like a reflex.

    • kennysolomon says:

      That’s happening here too, Andreas – much more than in the past.

      Any L.E.-involved shooting is fine-tooth-combed – not by the agencies and internal affairs, but by the media – with an agenda – and of course, if there was a white L.E.O. involved and ‘non-white’ pieces of human debris ‘misunderstood youths’, there are dust-ups in neighborhoods and of course, the “it’s Bush’s fault” protests.

      • Andreas K. says:


        We’re now at a point where even the death of a speeding drunk driver after a chase by police is blamed on the police. There was a case in my homeprovince this summer. Police was chasing a drunk driver at night, standard job. It was rainy, the road in that area known to be slippery when wet. The LEOs knew that and slowed down. The drunkard was too drunk, went off the road and went into the slope like a bomb (left a little impact crater.) When the cops finally reached him he was toast already, very likely killed by the massive impact.

        At once the media hinted that the police may have chased the “poor man” to his death.

        And don’t make me start on “immigrants”. Let me just say that my father is so glad he is now retired from the force.

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