Israeli Ambassador to the United States says Israel has no agreements with a ‘Government of Palestine.’

Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren said Tuesday the PA statehood bid at the United Nations would likely jeopardize all existing agreements between the PA and Israel.

I do not and will not apologize whatsoever for what you will read in my commentary.  My gloves are off.  You’re either with us or against us.

That’s pretty impressive Ambassador Oren – Sir – because you jeopardize the very existence of Israel because you’re pandering to the damn Muslims by hosting a Ramadan dinner for Muslim Brotherhood terrorists – Who the hell do you think you are ?…… Sir.

In an interview with Foreign Policy magazine, Oren said, “We have a lot of agreements with the Palestinian Authority, we have no agreements with a ‘Government of Palestine.’

“It’s just a fact – we have no agreements with a ‘Government of Palestine.’ It puts us in a different realm,” said Oren.  Oren added the move would render invalid economic treaties, including export, import and water sharing, as well as security cooperation agreements.

“America is a cosignatory to the Oslo Accord and this would seriously undermine it…  Unilateral steps would have legal, economic, and political ramifications for us and for America as a cosignatory,” Oren added.

Ambassador Oren, some points of order…… Sir.

1. The ‘Palestine Authority’ no longer exists. It’s called The Unity Government and comprises the lowest-of-lowlife genocidal maniac typical Muslims walking the planet.

2. The PA as previously construed and as they are right now couldn’t give a rats arse about any agreements in place.

3. The ‘different realm’ we’re in is that The Muslims ARE ramping up to kill every Jew on the planet…… and they want help.

4. If you or anyone else – other Ambassadors, Cabinet members, Knesset Ministers on down to the weekend overnight fill-in basement watchman – even remotely consider any ‘security cooperation’ with the peace lovers, you all should be brought up on charges as a clear and present danger to The State Of Israel and The Jewish People.

5. Do you seriously believe that the current President Of The United States and his entire submitting-to-Islam administration and those who own them all lock stock and Qur’an care one whit about what happens to Israel ?  Do the names Hillary Clinton, Harold Koh and Samantha Power mean ANYTHING to you ?

Go spit up a rope…… Sir.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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