At 9-1/2 years old, a CT operator goes back to work…… It’s what warriors do.

Sgt. Kiril Golnshein: Stand down, rest easy.   He’s in good hands.

God bless you Sgt. and God bless and protect you, Mako.

During Operation “Autumn Cloud” in northern Gaza in 2006, Givati solider Sgt. Kiril Golnshein died from critical wounds in his leg during a clash with terrorists.  Mako also was hurt but still was able to attack the terrorists and keep them from continuing to shoot.

Mako was part of the “Oketz” (Sting) unit that features dogs trained to work in counterterrorist operations.

Now at the relatively old age of nine and a half, Mako is back in action – this time with the police, said Operations chief Nissim Mor.

Mako is a veteran of IDF operations and participated in IDF counterterrorist maneuvers in Gaza to prevent terrorists from bombarding southern Israel with rockets.  After the dog’s injury, he went through lengthy rehabilitation before returning to action.

This is how we do it.
It’s Shabbat night, and we feel all right
The party is here on the West Bank
So I reach for my Galil and I turn it on full auto
Spotter and designator take the lead to the IED truck
Hit the ground ’cause I’m watchin’ too
Quranimals in the street say, “Mako’s gonna get us !”

It feels so good in the desert tonight
The summertime burqas and the guys in keffiyeh’s
All my CT bangers lookin’ for the drive-by
We gotta get our groove on, before we go ‘n get made
So tip up your iron sights and throw your safety off
And let me hear the party say……

This is how warriors do it, baby.


Yo yo yo MJ…… White guys can rap too.   😉

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

10…… 9…… 8…… 7…………
Tool up…… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.

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One Response to At 9-1/2 years old, a CT operator goes back to work…… It’s what warriors do.

  1. Tweeted, too. Love the rap riff, my friend. Thank you for your love of freedom and vigilance. I’m honored to know you …

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