Turkey’s PM Erdogan says Jerusalem failing to meet defense contracts obligations.

Is there a problem with that, Infidel ?

Yes you typical Muslim, you cut off mil trade with Israel.

That doesn’t matter, Israel is not honoring it’s contracts.

Israel was honoring it’s contracts until you cut off trade.

Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes ?

Turkey’s prime minister accused Israel on Wednesday of failing to meet its obligations in defense deals, adding to tensions with Israel which have escalated since an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla killed nine people last year.

Turkey last week expelled top Israeli diplomats, suspended all military deals and vowed to step up Turkish navy patrols in the eastern Mediterranean, angered over its former ally’s refusal to apologize for the raid that killed eight Turks and one Turkish-American.

Erdogan reiterated that Turkey was planning possible new sanctions against Israel, but refused to disclose what they could entail. He said Turkey intended to increase the Turkish navy’s surveillance of the eastern Mediterranean, adding that parts of it were Turkey’s “exclusive economic zones.”

Just in case you don’t remember waaaaaaaaaay back to yesterday, that was when Turkey said Utoff-kay Teh Ooooooooooos-jay.

Why do all the new Turkish Navy ships have clear glass bottoms ?

So those on board can see all the previous Turkish Navy Ships.

Update. 7:30pm Eastern on 7 Septembrer 2011.

Getting “a bit” more in-depth than I have the patience for in dealing with typical Allah-clinging Muslims, we find a solidly researched and written piece by Ms. Petra Marquardt-Bigman over at The Commentator.

The trouble with Turkey is that while it is a valuable member of NATO and aspires for EU accession, it has been all too obvious that Turkey’s ruling Islamists concluded already some time ago that their bid to pose as the regional leader of Sunni Muslims could be easily boosted by an openly hostile attitude towards Israel.

The only comment I can offer to Ms. Marquardt-Bigman’s column is there’s no mention of The Muslim Brotherhood, which is where just about every “nudge” emanates from.  The Muslim Brotherhood is not trying to, but is bringing all Muslim nations together in order to – yes, this is reality – engage the world, creating the goal – The Caliphate – as stated in Quran, Sura and Hadith.

Note:  I highly recommend The Commentator if you wish to see all sides of issues presented and done so in a well-written manner each and every time.

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