“On behalf of a grateful nation……” Roy Solomon: June 18, 1922 – September 9, 2011 — My Dad.

My friends, we are not mourning, but rather celebrating a life fully lived.  Dad went to stand at the side of God with my Mom and they are now dancing forever.

Updated with ‘The Mission’.

Dad was born in Da Bronx Noo Yawk, across the street from Yankee Stadium (the real one, not the new monster).

Son to Lillian and Ben Solomon.

Married for over 63 years to my mom Blossom Gloria Lasner Solomon (January 11, 1926 – November 22, 2010).

WWII combat veteran (Europe).

Worked for 20th Century Fox and Technicolor.

Retired in the mid-1980’s – He and Mom then spent the best years of their lives down here in Florida and were more active retired than when working.

Mom started dancing professionally in a chorus line company – all seniors – and about a year later, got Dad involved – it was wild – they did sketch comedy and musical skits together.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I admired my Dad, let alone loved him and held him as one of my very few heroes in life.


Services were held the morning of Sunday 11 September 2011.

The United States Army sent an honor guard for a flag ceremony and taps.

My brothers and sisters of The Patriot Guard Riders were in attendance as well.

God Bless America and God bless my Dad.


11 September 2011……

Mission Report — Roy Solomon – Tech 4, 63rd Combat Engineers.

Cheyenne and Whistler arrived at the staging location at 0900 hrs and were greeted By Sarge in his cage flying the colors to mark the entrance.  Soon we were joined by 8 more riders and we staged the bikes along the entrance way.

The RC presented Kenny with a “Kombatica”, a Jewish yarmulka in camo for him to wear during the services in honor of his dad’s service and the service of all who gave in the cause of freedom.  The “Kombatica” was designed by Spc. Daniel Agami, a soldier KIA in Iraq in 2009.  They are distributed in his honor by his sister for her Bat Mitzvah project.

The service started promptly at 1030 hrs. The PGR were invited inside the chapel by the family to view the services, and we lined the entrance hall with our flags.

The Rabbi gave the invocation in Hebrew and then in English.  Our brother Kenny, our hero’s son, gave a moving eulogy of his parents life together as well as his fathers service to our nation.  The Military Honor Guard then played “taps” during which the PGR were commanded to “present arms”, after which the military performed the flag folding and presentation.  The Rabbi then provided the benediction and the riders were dispatched to their vehicles to escort the hearse to the final resting place.

Upon arrival at the grave site, we dismounted set our flags and followed our hero to the funeral bier at the grave site.  After arrival, the RC presented our hero’s son Kenny, with a collection of condolences from the PGR web site and a brass challenge coin in commemoration of his dad’s faithful service to our nation.  Kenny then removed another challenge coin from his pocket and rubbed them together.  That coin was given to him at his mothers, “Blossom’s” funeral at a prior date.  As he rubbed them together he stated “they are now together forever”.

The PGR and all other guests were then given sand, from Israel, to spread on the casket of our hero, symbolically to indicate burial in Israeli soil.

The services were then announced to be concluded.  The PGR were then brought to attention and ordered to provide a final “slow” present arms and return, after which they were dismissed till we must meet again.

Always With Respect.

It’s NOT about us.

Richard “Whistler” Little
Patriot Guard Riders
Ride Captain Emeritus


Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

Oath Keeper
Patriot Guard Rider

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21 Responses to “On behalf of a grateful nation……” Roy Solomon: June 18, 1922 – September 9, 2011 — My Dad.

  1. pixie f. says:

    Godspeed, Mr. Roy Solomon- you had a most blessed life, and left a most loving son.

    Kenny, my sympathies.

  2. Janie says:

    I’m only sorry I never had the chance to know either one of your parents.

    But I know, from where they both are now, they are together, looking down and smiling, because they know they have a son that anyone and everyone would be proud of.

    You are a credit to the memories of both of your parents. And the man you are is the proof of the fantastic people they both must have been.

    I’ll see you Saturday,

  3. Bruce O'H. says:

    My condolences to you, and my prayer that your parents are dancing together in G-d’s grace…

  4. Your Mom and Dad are now your angels, Ken.

  5. Kenny, my sincere condolences. Although I have never met you, I have come to enjoy your communications these past few months. I feel your pain and loss, and I hope that you are doing as well as is possible. Your tribute to your father (and mother) was very moving, and I am sure that your parents are very proud of you.

    Please know that my thoughts are with you.

  6. […] like thisOn the loss of his father Roy Solomon. I can’t begin to tell you how much I admired my Dad, let alone loved him and held him as one of my […]

  7. Kenny:

    Even though I have never met you, thank you for being such a good friend and adviser to me.

    Your parents are now resting in the arms of the angels. They ARE so proud of the work you are doing.


  8. Florine Goldfarb says:

    My sincere condolences. May they rest in peace.

  9. RedBeard says:

    Kenny, I’m saddened to hear this. But I do like your attitude of celebrating your father’s life. I lost my father long ago, and still miss him terribly, but it’s the remembrance of the great man he was that is really essential to keep in mind.

    May your father rest in peace, and always be remembered.

  10. Andreas K. says:

    Sorry to hear that Kenny. But that’s a very ripe and good age, and I’m convinced a good life, too. Not always easy, of course not, but somehow I think the good outweighs the bad. Just a year older than my grandfather too (almost exactly a year, what are the odds for that.)

    Drifting off a bit. This is what I find so amazing in this generation. They got married and remained like this for decades. Amazing.

    It’s a good idea to celebrate his life. Personally I think funerals and mourning are only there for those left behind, so that they have closure. The dead don’t care, they’re gone. My own grandfather said at his 88th birthday just this August that he doesn’t want those big and fancy funerals. Keep it among the family and maybe have a drink or two in his memory (he loves his wine.)

    Though, don’t mind me if I say this: If I was there now, you’d get a hug. No escape from that.

    They truly were the greatest generation and we have some damn big shoes to fill.

  11. SH says:

    Condolences Kenny.

    You are blessed to have had such wonderful Mom & Dad

    Take care, may their memories full your heart with joy.

  12. Vixen says:

    This is my first time posting here, though I’ve read with interest your comments at other sites as well as at this one. So very sorry for the losses of both your parents in such a short period of time. What a LOVELY, DELIGHTFUL couple they were! Wish I could’ve known them! Cherish those good memories. It’ll get you through the heartache of loss. Blessings to you and your family as you celebrate your dad’s life tomorrow. And thank you for being the Patriot that you are.

  13. Kenny, my condolences to you and your family. Cheryl from CA

  14. bobmontgomery says:

    Not really the hugging type, Kenny, but in remembrance and celebration of our American dads, here’s a great big Judeo-Christian one for you.
    And keep on keepin’ on.

  15. bobmontgomery says:

    Our American dads. Us Judeo-Christians were lucky to have them. Condolences and keep on keepin’on, Kenny.

  16. The MAD Jewess says:

    Beautiful parents 😀

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