About those two American ‘hikers’ in an Iranian prison………

They’re getting out.

What did Obama and his owners promise Iran in return ?

TEHRAN – A bail-for-freedom deal for two Americans jailed as spies in Iran hit a snag Sunday because a judge whose signature is needed on the bail papers was on vacation, the prisoners’ lawyer said, dashing hopes for their immediate release.

The attorney, Masoud Shafiei, said he could not complete the paperwork on the $1 million bail deal because a second judge who must sign the documents is on vacation until Tuesday. One judge already signed the papers Saturday.

“I have no choice but to wait until Tuesday,” Shafiei told The Associated Press.

If you’ve no idea what this is about, click the following sentence:

Uber-liberal Democrat Obama supporters go walkabout from one typical bitter Allah-clinging hot zone to another and wonder why they were arrested by peace-loving genocidal Quranimals.

Smell Test: Miserably Failing.

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Update — 19 September 2011, 06:00 Eastern.

Last September, a third American who had been arrested with them, Sarah Shourd, was released after a similar bail payment and a nearly identical tussle between the president and his rivals in the judiciary.

Since her release last year, Shourd has lived in Oakland, California. Bauer, a freelance journalist, grew up in Onamia, Minnesota and Fattal, an environmental activist, is from suburban Philadelphia. Bauer proposed marriage to Shroud while in prison.

Second smell test failed before it started.

Submission via jizya, lovingly attended to by The Jihadist At 1600™, his owners and minions, taking care of their voters and supporters.

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4 Responses to About those two American ‘hikers’ in an Iranian prison………

  1. Obama must be on the golf course. No other reason for their “unrelease.”

    • kennysolomon says:

      Maybe that’s the deal-ee-oh…… The ‘Ranians could be building a golf course so The Jihadist At 1600™ has a place to go in exile when The American Spring (Summer, Fall and Winter) kicks his arse out of the country, along with every single person in the administration.

  2. Horrified in Hollywood says:

    Have you thought about becoming a writer? Your books could be on the best seller list. There’s a whole lot of realism in your theories. Nelson DeMille comes to mind.

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