Brother to brother: ‘Wait a year, then go for it’ ——— Brother says back to brother: ‘Go spit up a rope’.

No, I don’t have any ulterior motives like seizing the reigns as president for life my re-election to a second term.

I never have any other thoughts than the complete Marxist-Jihad takeover of America and helping to wipe Israel off the map doing the right thing for America and Israel.

Updated 22 September 2011 at 9:15am…… Scroll down.

US presents plan for PA to defer UN bid for one year.

Washington aims to salvage Mideast crisis aversion plan, suggests PA be allowed to deliver statehood bid to UN but defer acting on it for 12 months.

Timing is everything.

Do I have to explain further ?
(Hint: Hover your cursor over the link and photo above.)

No ?


You’re finally starting to understand how the bastards operate.


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Update 22 September 2011 9:15am Eastern.

Obama Rebuffed As Palestinians Pursue U.N. Seat

The Palestinians have never fully trusted the United States to serve as an honest broker with Israel. But its credibility with the Palestinians has crumbled with the recognition that Mr. Obama may not have the clout to press the Israelis into a peace deal that requires significant compromises.

“The president in his speech at the U.N. today admitted that the U.S. somehow failed in bridging the gap between the two sides,” the Palestinian representative in Washington, Maen Rashid Areikat, said in an interview on Wednesday. “He said that he feels frustration and he understands the frustration of everybody. That’s good, but I think it goes much deeper. I think what the U.S. administration needs to say is why it failed.”

Somebody’s Blackberry is about to get a slew of text messages with ‘don’t you dare say no’ instructions and orders.

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2 Responses to Brother to brother: ‘Wait a year, then go for it’ ——— Brother says back to brother: ‘Go spit up a rope’.

  1. I completely Agree , meanwhile backing his attackdog Turkey.

  2. Dennis H. Bennett says:

    As I posted on Twitter, “If I were Israel, I’d be pissed as hell that “O” was using my sovereignty as a playing card for re-election votes.”

    Delay for 12 months is confirmation of the “O” attempt to conceal his true, pro-Islam agenda. He is lower than snake shit in a wagon wheel rut, one beer short of a six-pack and the most cunning immigrant bastard I have ever seen. Throwing Israel “under the bus” for personal gain is in concert with his Indonesia Islamic schooling and his partnership with Abbas to destroy Israel. He is unstable and dangerous. His personhood is reflected in our nation.

    Repetitive circumcisions are not enough recompense for the pain and suffering he has caused Americans.

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