Lawyers Are Running The IDF

Lt.-Col. (res.) Dan Si’on says new chain of command places IDF soldiers under Attorney-General’s command and ties their hands.

This is what happens when, even though some sane people are up front trying to stop the madness, liberals, pacifists and the peace-at-any-price crowd rule the roost.

Si’on said in an Arutz Sheva exclusive interview that in the past few weeks, a document with instructions on how and when to open fire was distributed to security officers in the communities of Judea and Samaria. The document deals with scenarios that are expected after a Palestinian Authority (PA) unilateral declaration of independence.

The problem is that the document is not signed by the Head of Judea and Samaria Division or the commander of the Territorial Brigade, but by the “Head of the Operations and Human Rights Field” in the Bureau of the Legal Advisr to Central Command.

The Legal Adviser to Central Command is not subordinate to the Central Command Head but rather to the Military Advocate General.

“The Military Advocate General, for his part, is not subordinate to the Chief of General Staff but to the Legal Adviser to the Government.”…………

Yeah, no kidding Col. Si’on.

A while back here at I.S.U., we wrote about those very odd things going on at IDF…… Like that whole ‘don’t-open-fire’ thing and only allowing the use of non-lethal weapons,ammo and tactics when dealing with heavily armed peace-loving genocidal maniacs.

8 September 2011
IDF to all personnel and residents in Judea and Samaria: Stand down on September 20th.

25 August 2011
IDF develops doctrine for accurate sniper fire

28 July 2011
Israel’s Defense Ministry invests NIS 75 million in purchase of non-lethal weapons.

This whole thing is kind of like watching a handful of people trying to drag an elephant across a lake that’s filled with Jello.

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  1. You know what they say about lawyers…

    Love the new ads, Kenny. 😀

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