Shelly Yachimovich: Israel’s very own Obama — “The nation elected social justice !” — Demands a two-state solution.

She’s gonna be pushed hard for the top job.

And if you don’t support her, you’re gonna be called anti-woman, a hater, a war-monger and maybe even a typical bitterly clinging barbarian terrorist Hobbit son-of-a-b***h.

Updated – Scroll down.

Updated again – She’s gonna get a whole bunch of people killed.

Leftist extraordinaire, social justice proponent, pacifist, despises ‘the rich’, parents are Holocaust survivors.

But if that’s not enough, she’s been a politician for a grand total of less than six years and ‘opposition’ leader Tzipi Livni thinks Ms. Yachimovich is the bee’s knees.

Six years after abandoning her successful career in journalism in favor of the Israeli parliament, Shelly Yachimovich reached the peak of her political career on Tuesday night when she was elected as the Labor Party’s new chairwoman – the first woman to lead the party since Golda Meir.

Yachimovich, 51, lives in Tel Aviv and has a son and daughter. Her parents are Holocaust survivors.  The new Labor leader graduated from the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba.  As a student, she began her journalistic career at the Al Hamishmar newspaper.  She joined Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) radio station Reshet Bet, where she covered the Histadrut labor federation and the Knesset.  She later became the anchor of political radio show “Hakol Diburim”.

In her youth, she was expelled from high school after hanging protest signs in the school corridors.  Later, in her journalistic and political work, she became active for workers and women’s rights and against tycoons.

That newspaper – Al Hamishmar – You had to be (at minimum) a Socialist to work there.  The paper was part of Hashomer Hatzair (The Youth Guard) a Socialist–Zionist youth movement and The Hashomer Hatzair Workers Party Of Palestine.


‘Opposition leader’ and avowed social justice leftist Tzipi Livni sends her congratulations, saying that she views Labor as “a natural partner in a Zionist road of peace and a just society.

Really ?

From the Ynet News link above, here’s something Ms. Yachimovich was instrumental in for getting passed into law:  “……forcing employers to provide their cashiers with a seat……

Why not just hand Ms. Yachimovich the keys to the nation right now and save the political teeth-gnashing and other trouble down the road ?   After all, it’s only ‘social justice’ she’s forcing into law, plus the genocide of our people and destruction of our homeland she’s aiding.

What a way to run an airline.

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Update 24 September 2011 ; 7:00am Eastern.

“The nation elected social justice !”

When the head of the Labor election committee, former minister Ra’anan Cohen, formally proclaimed Yachimovich the victor at 2:24 a.m., the redshirted youngsters were ecstatic, as if they had gotten Daphni Leef elected president of the United States and Stav Shafir appointed UN secretary-general.

But who would have fathomed a year ago that the perpetually eulogized Labor Party would shift from being the home of the dying pensioners of Givatayim, kibbutzim and Jerusalem’s Rehavia neighborhood to the darling of Tel Aviv’s Shenkin circuit ?   And that a candidate who conducted her membership drive online could defeat Peretz’s well-oiled political machine ?

Labor is now officially the party of the tent protests.  Its new leader not only speaks the language of the protesters, her refusal to discuss non-socioeconomic issues during the campaign dovetails the demonstrations, which were criticized for being disconnected from the socioeconomic problems of the wider world.

Yacimovich received her loudest applause during her victory speech when she called upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to express support for a Palestinian State at the General Assembly.

Israel’s very own Obama indeed.

They watched…… They learned…… They may have even asked for help…… They know the way to “nudge”.

This woman WILL become Prime Minister of Israel in the not-so-distant future…… That is, if the nation still exists.

God help us all.

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Update 24 September 2011 10pm Eastern.

Note:  Abbas already guaranteed that there will be NO recognition of a Jewish state in anything going forward when ‘Palestine’ becomes a reality.

“Netanyahu should have realized that Israel hit a dangerous dead end, and it is the government’s responsibility to take initiative and not just describe the bad situation in a speech,” the newly-elected Labor leader said.

“We must make a two-state solution a reality, in order to prevent a unilaterally declared Palestinian state that will surely cause us harm,” Yacimovich added.


You want to be nice to them because you actually believe they’ll be nice to us ?    DHIMMI LEFTIST MORON !

No matter what happens – one state potato, two state potato, three state potato, four – the peace lovers are coming to kill every Jew and destroy every last vestige that could prove that Israel ever existed.

What part of that don’t you understand ?!?

Or are you simply suicidal and don’t care if you take every Jew and Israel with you ?

Lady, when the SHTF, just get the hell out of the way and don’t say a damn word…… Just don’t.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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3 Responses to Shelly Yachimovich: Israel’s very own Obama — “The nation elected social justice !” — Demands a two-state solution.

  1. Andreas K. says:

    Tempted to send her a gun with one bullet. If she wants to commit suicide, she can do so without dragging everybody else in.

  2. matt says:

    I figured the ‘so called’ social justice movement was funded and organised by people with adark political agenda.Unified under the what may have appeared to the nieve as a worthy cause.Ultimatly the true cause was to destroy Israel from within.Miss equality should take a look at the school text books used by every school in the u.k. and no doubt Europe.Antisemetic Revisionist history which glorifies hitler and teaches the blood Libels under the pretext of ‘preventing another Holocaust.’How is it that a Jew whose parents escaped the Holocaaust could be in such denial

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