Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister Of Israel

23 September 2011 ; The United Nations

An address to a world audience filled with hatred of Jews.

Thirty-eight minutes.

Note: If the video disappears (read that as ‘if the video is removed by JihadTube’), please let me know via Twitter.  I have the file saved offline and will re-load it.

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Kenny Solomon
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One Response to Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister Of Israel

  1. […]Don’t know why, but lately I’ve been getting a bunch of followers on Twitter that blog about Israel. Did I mention in one of my posts that I am a strong supporter of Israel? Don’t know, but yes, I am a strong supporter. Anyways, this post has the Prime Minister of Israel addressing the U.N. Thirty-Eight minutes long and well worth the time to listen to it all. […]

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