Al Jazeera reporter is a normal peace lover.

Read that as he’s a Hamas terrorist.

Samer Allawi, Al Jazeera’s former Afghanistan bureau chief, reached a deal with the Israel State state prosecutors office on Sunday under which he will receive a suspended sentence of three years after he confessed to conspiring in Hamas operations.

Allawi, a Palestinian, was arrested in August on the border between the West Bank and Jordan at The Allenby Crossing.

During an investigation with The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) Allawi said he was recruited to Hamas in 1993 and he served there until 2004 in a senior committee that oversees Hamas operations abroad and is responsible for fundraising.

“……until 2004……”

You’re not allowed to leave Hamas.


And he shouldn’t be.



Maybe he’ll slip on a bar of soap before getting released.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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2 Responses to Al Jazeera reporter is a normal peace lover.

  1. Posted by http//
    Al Jazeera reporter that Israel arrested awhile back is a Hamas collaborator.

  2. Kenny, I just love your dry wit and sarcastic manner. 😀

    “Slipping on a bar of soap.”

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