The Arab Spring is the focus of speculation over this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Why not ?

Just hand the thing to The Muslim Brotherhood and make every aspect of The Nobel Foundation invalid and individual Nobel Laureates past present and future look the fool.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee gives no clues ahead of the Oct. 7 announcement, but judging by previous selections, the rebellion sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East would appear to tick all the right boxes.

The medal shown was awarded to Mr. Barry Soetero

“It would be consistent with their effort to give attention to high-profile and extremely important, potentially breakthrough developments by movements and by people,” said Bates Gill, director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

The challenge would be to identify a person or group that embodies the non-violent spirit of the revolution, and doesn’t turn out to be less deserving of the prestigious $1.5 million award once the final chapters of the still-unfolding Arab Spring have been written.

Want to give the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize to a truly deserving person ?

I nominate Mr. Alaa Alsaegh.

Don’t know who he is, eh ?

Well, I didn’t post about Mr. Alsaegh here at I.S.U. (really should have and I apologize for not doing so), but if you click on his name above, you’ll be taken to the magical and sublime Gateway Pundit, where Jim Hoft did justice for someone who needs justice on his side.

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