As God as my witness, I thought Turkey’s could fly.

But Turkey’s keep crashing.

No Mr. Carlson, not the birds ; Turkey’s drones.

That’s because the typical bitter Allah-clingers hate Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos so much, the damnable Quranimals won’t even use Israeli UAV’s they already have.

In an attempt to bolster its leadership role in the Arab world, Turkey has recently done almost everything it could to alienate Israel, to the extent that neither currently has an ambassador in the other’s country.   Turkey also decided to cut off all government-based business deals with Israel – ending a formerly substantial trade in military equipment, including, according to Defense News, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); according to the publication, Turkey purchased 10 Heron UAVs from Israel Aircraft Industries in 2010.   No more such purchases are likely.

But as relations continued to worsen with Israel – and as Turkey decided that the time was ripe for it to take a regional leadership role – Ankara has decided to produce as many of its own weapons as possible, including UAVs.   So Turkey, according to Defense News, made a strategic decision to ground its Israeli UAVs and produce its own version of the pilotless patrol planes.   And following the government’s directive, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) promptly designed and produced a home-grown Turkish UAV – the Anka, which the government hoped would fulfill Turkey’s needs for UAVs; perhaps Ankara would even be able to develop an industry around the craft.

This one done blowed up real good too......... Bwahahahahahahahaha !

Only one problem, though: So far, every prototype Anka that TAI has produced has crashed.

Bwahahahahahahahaha !

Here’s some video of one of the vaunted Moose Limb scientist-engineered drones in it’s finest (and last) moments.

I repeat:  Bwahahahahahahahaha !

Wait…… I thought the vaunted Moose Limb scientists were teh bestest evah ?   They have to be.   The Jihadist At 1600™ said so and ordered NASA to submit reach out to the peace lovers.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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4 Responses to As God as my witness, I thought Turkey’s could fly.

  1. […]As God as my witness, I thought Turkey’s could fly ![…]

    Posted at The Jawa Report by @jstablehand

  2. FU says:

    Hmm, the video said the left gear didn’t deploy. This happens with Boeing 747s that have been in production for the last 40 years. By the way, learn the difference between a possessive and a plural word. Turkeys = More than one turkey, Turkey’s = belonging to a turkey.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Hi FU.

      First off, thanks for being part of I.S.U.

      I know nothing about any landing gear problems on production heavies, but a buddy of mine works on ’em, so I’ll ask the next time I see or talk to him.

      As for my usage of grammar, ’tis run up exactly the way I meant it to be – Snarkification, etc. Anything in the block quote – the INN article – that there ain’t a-bein’ my problem, no suh.

  3. Well Kenny. What da ya expect from a country who wants to buy “small blonde women” like me. Offered $500 ONLY!

    Hey, I am worth a whole lot more than that. 😀

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