He’s a psychoanalyst…… Wait…… What ?!?

Mr. Gerbi, sir, while many of us deeply admire your faith in God and the enormous set of cojones it takes to do what you’re doing, sometimes you simply shouldn’t go home again.

Physician, heal thyself.

“As a psychoanalyst I go by the definition of neurosis as a repetition of the same actions with expectations for different results.”

Yessum.  Learned it.  Know it.  Live it.

However, if this is all somewhat cryptic, click on this highlighted line of text:  Libya’s new rulers hate Jews too ?   Read it all, then come back.  We’ll wait, there’s time.

(Insert typical game-show contestant-timer music here.)

Right.  You’re up to speed now.

Here’s the first follow-up.  Surprisingly, it’s NOT announcing Mr. Gerbi’s murder and funeral.

An Italian-Libyan Jew, by his mere presence in Libya, has provoked an outburst of latent anti-Semitism, cultivated for over 40 years by the Gaddafi regime.

David Gerbi’s simple act of devotion in cleaning out the filth of an abandoned, decaying synagogue in Tripoli and asserting his right as a Jew to pray there for the High Holy Days, is being used to justify an angry protest rally that will take place in Tripoli’s main square Friday evening, coinciding with the onset of Yom Kippur.

Latent ?

Moose Limb Quranimals ?

Latent ?

Oy vey.

8:15am posting this and the bar is now open.

— — — — —

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