IDF CT soldiers will “think twice” about taking prisoners in the future.

Don’t even think once.

450 murderers with blood on their hands will be released, in addition to 550 other prisoners, for the release of one kidnapped soldier.

Active duty and reserve soldiers from elite counter-terrorism units who risked their lives during previous missions to capture terrorists submitted a petition to the Netanyahu government protesting the wholesale release of terrorists in exchange for the release of kidnapped Gilad Shalit after six years in Hamas captivity.

The organizers write, “We, soldiers past and present, vehemently oppose return of terrorists to their homes, which undermines years of work and raises the overall risk of soldiers being killed in the line of duty.

“We are very hurt by the cabinet’s attitude on this matter, and the next time we soldiers are asked to stop terrorists again we will have to think twice about whether it is worth risking our lives to capture killers who will only be released again We the undersigned demand that the State of Israel not release murderers we will only have to risk our lives yet again to capture later in our service.


No more prisoners.

Stop ’em ‘n pop ’em.

Who’s got ‘next’ ?

That’s what the peace lovers understand and respect – power and force, violence and death – ’bout damn time Israel and the west shows ’em some and keep showing ’em right down to the last goat-buggering one of them if need be.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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