Muslims arrest Jews for praying

Any day now…… Any day.

Arab policemen arrested two Jews, including a prominent spokesman in Samaria, for allegedly bowing down and praying on the Temple Mount Sunday morning.

“Suddenly, two policemen said a friend and I were bowing down, which they say is forbidden.”  Ha’Ivri said the policemen were non-Jews and, responding to Arutz Sheva, identified them as Arabs.

“I told the policemen, ‘Look, there are Arab watch guards here, and they are not making a fuss about it.’ The policemen replied, ‘It is forbidden to bow down, and we are just doing our job.’”

The Schutzstaffel were just doing their jobs too, right ?

This isn’t the first time.   76-year-old man arrested “on suspicion of reciting the priestly blessing.”


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2 Responses to Muslims arrest Jews for praying

  1. How long before “Bankers” is replaced with “Jews” from the occupiers?

    oblabla sure covered his tookus (sp?) by putting the self hating type in his cabinet.

    • Andreas K. says:

      Already happening. Over here in Austsria the, as I call them, “patriotic socialists” (aka the “right” wing as the media calls them) have been blaming the Jews for a while.

      It’s the Jews who are turning the EU into an EUSSR they say. It’s the Jews who control the “evil banks” ™.

      Why do you think the American communist AND nazi party are marching hand in hand over the occupation “movement”?

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