Israel Supreme Court Rejects Petitions To Stop Shalit Swap

Of course they did.

The progressives on the court would never go against the progressives in the government who set up this insanity and are helping to destroy Israel, along with wiping out the Jewish People – including themselves.

Israel’s Supreme Court rejected on Monday evening the petitions that had been filed by families of terror victims against the exchange of 1,027 terrorists held by Israel in exchange for abducted soldier Gilad Shalit.

The three judges, Dorit Beinisch, Hanan Meltzer, and Eliezer Rivlin, wrote in their ruling that the decision on questions of security considerations regarding the released terrorists should be made by the Israeli government. They added that at this time “the fate of Gilad Shalit hangs in the balance and any changes to the deal also could endanger Gilad’s life.”

By rejecting the appeals, the court officially gave the green light to implement the exchange deal. The implementation is scheduled to begin on Tuesday morning.

These 1,027 typical Muslims are gonna go right back to jihad.  Their boss said so.

Tool up, Israel.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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