A clear and present danger to The State Of Israel and The Jewish People

Peres: “The safety of each soldier is no less important than the safety of the nation as a whole.”

Israel President Shimon Peres: Sir, you’re simply a disingenuous hypocritical lying sack of national suicidal sh……

Families that have filed suit against the expected release Tuesday of terrorist killers in the Shalit deal are split regarding their feelings toward the case. Some told Arutz Sheva they believe the appeals have a good chance of success, while others believe chances the Supreme Court will rule in their favor are non-existent.

In the latter category was one bereaved mother who pointed out that while the court has agreed to hear cases against the deal on Monday morning, terrorists’ files were transferred to President Shimon Peres, Saturday night, in order for him to sign off on their pardons.

If the appeals truly have a chance of success, she wondered, why would Peres not wait for the court’s approval before beginning the pardons process? “If the appeal stands, and this is a serious appeal, why is the president signing?”


Why ?…… Because The President Of Israel, Shimon Peres, is a pacifist – a peace-at-any-price uber-liberal who has possibly been bought lock stock and barrel by the anti-Israel left and/or is genuinely one of them.  Either way, President Peres is a clear and present danger to The State Of Israel and The Jewish People.


“Today is a very special day,” Peres told reporters congregated in his succa in the presidential residence.

“These are not only long days, but very sensitive days,” said Peres. “We’re all very excited, this is a one time event with a lot of hope, but a lot of trepidation,” he added.

“I’m always surprised that we have committees of inquiry regarding our problems,” said Peres.


He’s “always surprised”…… That’s because leftists absolutely know how everyone must live and will force those beliefs down the throat of the world, even if it takes genocide with real blood on their own hands just to prove their point.

Enough is enough.

Never again means NEVER AGAIN !

That applies to both sides ; The enemy of freedom and life itself, along with those on ‘the home team’ and so-called ‘allies’ who would gladly watch and help the enemy of freedom and life itself destroy Israel and wipe out The Jewish People.

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Kenny Solomon
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