“…on behalf of those who will be murdered…”

And there will be many.

MK Prof. Aryeh Eldad (National Union) protested outside Ofer Prison Tuesday morning, where 16 terrorists were about to go free as part of the Shalit deal.

“Everyone is busy talking about the helicopter that has taken off or landed and is reporting every movement being made [around the Shalit transfer] today,” he said, “but I am here to protest what is about to happen to Israel.I am speaking on behalf of those who will be murdered in the future by the same terrorists whom Israel has freed.”

Sixteen terrorists, two of them female, left Ofer Prison and were taken to Border Police base Metzudat Adumim near Jerusalem. They will then be freed to their homes in eastern Jerusalem.

Completing that last sentence: ……and returning to their ‘job’ of killing Jews.  Their boss, Khaled Meshaal, said that’s what’s going to happen.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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Tool up…… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.

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2 Responses to “…on behalf of those who will be murdered…”

  1. Pray hard.

    You’re right, Ken. “It” has come. The nazi party has joined their voice to that of the occupiers, saying (we) “must destroy the Judeo bankers.”

    God, help us.

  2. Let’s see which moron in the US passport control gives them visas to the US.

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