“…a great victory for the Palestinian nation and all Muslims…”

Take a guess who said that.

That’s not all the bloody goat buggerer had to say either.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad phoned Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh to congratulate him on the terror organization’s victory in the terrorists-for-Shalit deal with Israel, which he described as the “fruit of strong and continued resistance against the Zionist regime.”

“No doubt this is a great victory for the Palestinian nation and all Muslims and for freedom and justice-seeking people of the world, and independent nations are as happy as the oppressed Palestinian people over this issue,” Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday.

Of particular note was Ahmajinejad’s reference to Haniyeh as the “Palestinian Prime Minister” without any reference to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who Iranian officials have previously accused Abbas of “advancing Israeli plots.”

Haniyeh, for his part, lauded the Iranian nation and government for their support for the “Palestinian people,” and said the victory which is gained after years of resistance is a great Muslim and national achievement.

What did you expect either of them to say ?

Thing is, Imadinnerjacket’s right about the deal being “a great victory for the Palestine nation and all Muslims”.

An instant influx back into jihad of 1,027 murderers and other assorted typical Muslim scumbags.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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Image of Imadinnerjacket courtesy of Jason Jeffrey.

5 Responses to “…a great victory for the Palestinian nation and all Muslims…”

  1. moe hamhead says:

    now that gilad is home israel needs to immediately: 1. outlaw negotiations with terrorists in future kidnappings. 2. return the death penalty for capital crimes against its citizens 3. only allow arab prisoners whats required by geneva convention and not a single benefit beyond.

    carpet bombing gaza is optional though highly desired.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Hi Moe.

      Too complicated. I’m all for no more prisoners.

      The operational program is called, “Spot One, Drop One”.

      Much less expensive to double-tap than house the buggers.

  2. Arieh says:

    Hamas, the PA, and Israel have made it very clear that 1 Jewish life is worth 1,000 Arab lives. I’m fine with that, as long as Israel sticks to it. You kill one Jew, we kill 1,000 ‘palestinians’.

    They don’t discriminate between killing soldiers or civilians, we shouldn’t either.

  3. bobmontgomery says:

    I’m just going to say this one time…..the shame in all of this, the shame about Islamic jihad and the plight of Israel and the quest for caliphate and “Death to America” and all of it, is that the United States has the capacity, in cooperation with a few allies, to set it back, oh, about a thousand years.

    • As I said in one of Kenny’s other posts:

      Let’s see what moron at the US passport control grants all these terrorists visas and access to training schools for only “flying planes” and not taking off or landing.

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