Doctor Sig, what’s wrong with this woman ?

Let me have her chart, Nurse Kimber.

Here you are, Doctor.

Hmmmmmm…… It’s actually a simple diagnosis:  The patient suffers from Acute Lead Deficiency.

“I hope you will walk the same path we took and God willing, we will see some of you as martyrs,” Wafa al-Biss told dozens of children who came to her home in the northern Gaza Strip.

A member of al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, an offshoot of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party, Biss was sentenced to a 12-year term for planning to blow herself up.

After she spoke, the children cheered and waved Palestinian flags and chanted: “We will give souls and blood to redeem the prisoners. We will give souls and blood for you, Palestine.”

Nurse Kimber, please call our usual specialist consultant for Acute Lead Deficiency, Dr. Springfield at the Armory and ask if he can come over and see the patient today. His double-treatments are always of the highest caliber.

Yes, Dr. Sig. Right away.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

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4 Responses to Doctor Sig, what’s wrong with this woman ?

  1. Andreas K. says:

    But islam is peace!

    These people are just… Seriously, you’re right. The only thing that can heal them is some lead stuffed into brass.

  2. Howie says:

    I know the Pallywood reports on the news last night made me sick to my stomach.

    As if these murderers were unjustly held. The lefty reporters on NPR showing all the glee and celebration of getting away with murder.

    They would never tolerate the overt racism and hatred out of any religion other than Islam. Which must mean that the leftist media agrees and condones 100% the murder and Jew hatred of Hamas.

    Imagine if a Christian called for the defeat of Islam in same way we used to call for the defeat of freedom robbing communism? Why we’d be run out on a rail.

  3. Your ability at snark never fails to amaze me Kenny.

    • kennysolomon says:

      At this point in the space-time continuum, ‘Kill Teh Juice’ (and all infidels) is not just in their damnable death-cult R.O.P.M.A. books (Qura’n, Sira and Hadith), now it’s in their DNA.

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