Israel’s media surrendered to emotion in its coverage of Gilad Shalit’s story and damaged the nation.

Another sane person from Israel in a public position comes forward.

“The media went bankrupt. It behaved emotionally, crazily and irrationally. This included Channel 10. It was psychosis. One program closed every day with a song about Gilad – and another program made a point of counting the days [he was in captivity].”

Mr. Raviv Drucker

“It’s not that they silenced critics,” Drucker said. “Nobody stopped me when I spoke out against the deal. But there was something childish in how it was handled.  The attitude was, ‘just bring Gilad home at any cost – we do not care to hear at what price.’

“Of course it raised the price,” Drucker said. “Some days I read the paper and it is really hard for me, physically even. We released the Ramallah lynch murderer. No country in the world does something like that!”

This guy’s good…… Honest…… Up front.

The world media needs more people like Raviv Drucker.

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Kenny Solomon
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One Response to Israel’s media surrendered to emotion in its coverage of Gilad Shalit’s story and damaged the nation.

  1. Bruce O'H. says:

    I posted this comment elsewhere. It’s how I feel…

    I’m glad Gilad Shalit is home. I hope no one is killed by the 1100 (however many) terrorists that were released. But of course they will be. Many of the terrorists are being released in Jerusalem, where they were living when arrested. It’s a terrible thing to say, on the one hand, but one mans life, balanced against the death and destruction that 1100 terrorist will wreak on Israel, is not worth it.

    I’m truly sorry if this opinion is offensive to anyone.

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