Hillary demands terrorists increase anti-terrorist fight.

Those terrorists must not be the right kind of peace lovers.

“We intend to push Pakistan very hard,” Clinton told a joint news conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai.  Clinton will travel to Pakistan later Thursday to deliver the message wrapped in a new formula called “fight, talk, build” that aims to kill unrepentant insurgents, convince those willing to accept certain principles to make peace, and rehabilitate Afghanistan and integrate it back into the region.

“Our message (to Pakistan) is very clear,” she said. “We’re going to be fighting, we are going to be talking and we are going to be building … and they can either be helping or hindering, but we are not going to stop.”

The #HeilObama administration is quite adept at forming circular firing squads and more and more, it’s becoming obvious that a big part of this is a purposeful setup of US military personnel, sending them into the untenable breach of operational hands-tied-behind-their-backs situations and demonizing them for anything they do while facing typical murderous peace-loving scum of the earth who have no other goal than to kill everyone not exactly like them.

Naaaaaaah…… It can’t happen here.

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Kenny Solomon
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