Pakistan, Morocco, Guatemala, Togo.

Plus either Azerbaijan or Slovenia.

Guess where.

This place look familiar ?

Pakistan and the others were elected to The UN Security Council.

P a k i s t a n.

Pakistan, Morocco, Togo and Guatemala were elected on Friday to the 15-nation UN Security Council for 2012 and 2013, raising questions over the new make-up’s implications for the Mideast.

In the most competitive council elections for years, only Guatemala ran unopposed within its region. Pakistan scraped through in the first round of voting, defeating Kyrgyzstan with the minimum required 129 votes for an Asian seat.

Morocco received 151 votes to secure an easy first-round victory, while the small West African state of Togo secured 131 votes in the third round, more than double Mauritania’s 61. That saved sub-Saharan Africa the embarrassment of ending up with only one of the continent’s three seats compared with two for Arab North Africa.

A fourth round of voting was scheduled later in the day for one more seat in Eastern Europe between Azerbaijan and Slovenia. Hungary had also stood but failed to secure sufficient votes to remain in the race.


N o t h i n g .. t o .. s e e .. h e r e.

Those are not mushroom clouds over Israel and India.

Move along.


Note:  Kind of interesting that Kyrgyzstan was not elected.   Mr. Soros has long been trying to buy the nation (and still may be doing so).  Note:  The link is to a website I no longer visit and my last posting on this subject was in early July of 2010.

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One Response to Pakistan, Morocco, Guatemala, Togo.

  1. Kenny, I don’t know if it’s better to have Pakistan on or off. They can and could nuke Israel or India whether or not they are on the Council. Do we know how far their missiles can go and how accurate their aim is? Let’s hope they have technology from Turkey. 😀

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