The Hashemite Shuffle

Ninety-four governments in ninety years.

Stability, thy name is NOT Al-Mamlakah al-ʾUrduniyyah al-Hāšimiyyah.

King Abdullah II of Jordan swore in Prime Minister Awn Khasawneh and his Cabinet on Monday, which is being marketed to the Jordanian people as a ‘reformist government.’

Khasawneh told reporters his Cabinet will continue the process of Jordan’s accession to the Gulf Cooperation Council, and enhance the Kingdom’s cooperation with Arab countries, which are seen as key economic levers.

He added the kingdom would continue “to support the Palestinian people in their quest to regain their rights and establish their independent state, and will also continue to safeguard the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Palestine.”

He made no reference to King Abdullah’s remarks on Monday that Israel’s security must be ensured in any future agreements with the Palestinian Authority.

Of course the typical Moose Limb scum and former Shari’a Law Judge didn’t talk about Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos in any manner.  As far as he’s concerned, Teh Juice don’t exist.

Awn Khasawneh, Prime Minister Of Jordan, is one of ‘them.

Truthfully, I’m surprised the Quranimal p.o.s. mentioned Christians without the words ‘kill them all too’ in the same sentence.

Taqiyya at it’s finest as directed in Qura’n, Sira and Hadith.

It’s also The Hashemite Shuffle, not this one:

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One Response to The Hashemite Shuffle

  1. I visited Jordan while King Hussein was still alive. I was very impressed with the country and always liked him, his Queen Noor and the way he ran the country.

    The son is a different story apparently. Jordan was always a good ally to the US. Seems things have changed now with pressure of the Little Hashemite Kingdom being bombarded on all sides.

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