Minnesota company provided parts for Iranian IED’s used in Iraq

An article from our friend Rick Serrano* at The L.A. Times.

Radio-control parts hidden in roadside bombs in Iraq have been traced to a company in Minnesota, prompting a federal grand jury Tuesday to indict five people in an alleged smuggling ring that sent up to 6,000 of the devices from this country to Iran for use against U.S. military personnel.

Four defendants were arrested in Singapore. A fifth, an Iranian, was still being sought.

Sixteen of the radio-frequency modules were found by coalition forces in unexploded IEDs, or improvised explosive devices, between May 2008 and July 2010 in Iraq, and were part of the 6,000 modules allegedly shipped through Iran.

Officials said the modules included encryption capabilities with a range of 40 miles for transmitting data wirelessly when configured with antennae.

Minnesota ?… Aren’t there a ton of Moos… Oops… Can’t profile… Sorry.

There’s so much ‘nothing-to-see-here’, I don’t know where to begin.

So I won’t say anything further.

Y’all have at it.


* Mr. Richard A. Serrano is one of the two or three mainstream media people who care about our nation and your freedom.  Rick is way out front on Fast And Furious and has been at the forefront of exposing much of what’s known today.  He’s also quite probably risking his life to simply report facts that #HeliObama And The Nudge Brigade don’t want and can’t afford to be made public knowledge.  Pretty interesting that a leftist Democrat-supporting rag like The L.A. Times actually has him on staff, let alone publishes his articles, eh ?

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