More peace-loving rockets vacation in Israel.

There’s no way typical peace-loving Muslims would have done this, right ?   So it had to be that the typical peace-loving rockets needed to prove they’re typically peace loving so much, that they launched themselves.

Update:  One of the injured has died.

More rockets fell in southern Israel Saturday night, with missiles hitting Ashkelon.  Two people were injured in Ashkelon, as Grad rockets struck several parts of the city.  One of the rockets hit in or near a house, and a very loud explosion was heard – indicating the possibility, a Magen David Adom spokesperson said, that a gas canister had been hit.

One person was taken to Barzilai Hospital in the city in serious condition.  His situation has since improved and doctors said that he was hospitalized in moderate condition.  A second person was injured lightly to moderately when another rocket slammed into a street in the city minutes later.

The video clips above and below are from Israel National News / Arutz Sheva Television.  The video below shows a multi-rail launcher mounted on a pickup truck.  Kind of odd that the typical peace lovers have one of those, isn’t it ?  I wonder where they go it from, because they sure don’t build ’em in typical peace-loving Gaza.

So then……

At what point does Israel stop playing these little ‘gotcha’ games ?

These typical peace-loving Muslims launch a typical peace-loving rocket, IDF needs to take out the square block from where it emanated.

These typical peace-loving Muslims launch a multi-run of typical peace-loving rockets, IDF needs to take out the square mile from where they emanated.

These typical peace-loving Muslims keep playing with fire, IDF needs to take out typical peace-loving Gaza and be done with it.


Oh lookie…… One or two people in Israel’s government have a small percentage of their brains working:

Israeli political officials have been taken aback by the rocket attacks from Gaza over the past few days, considering that the deal with Hamas for the release of Gilad Shalit has not been completed. Israel is supposed to release another 550 terrorists in the coming weeks, but some MKs have begun calling for that part of the Shalit deal to be cancelled if Hamas continues to allow rocket attacks on Israel.

I’ve a better idea:  Israel should take those 550 typical peace-loving Muslims, strap each one onto their own active-programmed David’s Sling press the ‘go’ button and send ’em back to Gaza that way.  Call it an ‘expedited return’.

The typical peace-loving Muslims won’t ‘get’ the message of course.

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Update 10:00pm Eastern, 29 October 2011

Mr. Ami Moshe, 56, has died from injuries sustained in the attacks.

Moshe was rushed to the Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon and was immediately taken to the operating room, where doctors discovered that a major artery in his stomach was hit by shrapnel.  Moshe’s condition rapidly deteriorated and he died on the operating table.

Magen David Adom reported on Saturday evening that a total of 16 people were moderately to lightly wounded by rockets throughout the day, most of them being hit by shrapnel and suffering from smoke inhalation.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that a ceasefire agreed upon between Israel and the Gaza-based terror groups will go into effect on Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. Israel time.

Betcha that so-called cease-fire is a one-way street and the directional marker is pointed straight at Israel.

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2 Responses to More peace-loving rockets vacation in Israel.

  1. I had an interview with a female IDF officer about 5 months ago. She told me they are trained and instructed to treat all individuals in the field no matter who they are or which side they are on. A laudable stance, but based on what is going on over there I don’t know how safe that it. For Israel, that is.

  2. LCV says:

    what kind of leadership does Abbas have, if he can’t even handle the Hamas’s ? Is he a leader or he’s just another slave of terrorist faction?

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