UK — Typical run-of-the-mill Muslim piece of s**t murders retiree.

Alternate headline (the real one actually, from The London Daily Mail): Cancer patient died after being attacked by illegal immigrant in next bed.

Welcome to The UK, where this type of thing is allowed and encouraged by “immigrants”.

This one’s a bit different though, because we’ve got multiple right-there-on-the-spot witnesses…… Yeah…… Let’s just call ’em ‘witnesses’, because they sure as hell didn’t perform as sworn.

Better grab on to something sturdy.

A cancer-stricken pensioner died after being attacked in hospital by an illegal immigrant who was in the bed next to him.

Anthony Wilson was throttled by the Iranian man four days after an operation to remove part of his bowel.

The 78-year-old, who had been battling cancer for three months, was asleep when he was assaulted by the immigrant, who had been brought into the hospital two days earlier complaining of breathing difficulties.

Three UK Border Agency guards, tasked with sitting next to the Iranian during his hospital stay, were forced to intervene after the unprovoked attack.

Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust claims the assault ‘took only seconds and amounted to him putting an arm round Mr Wilson’s neck’.

‘The detainee was handcuffed and accompanied by three escorts when the incident occurred.’

The attack wasn’t “unprovoked”. The typical run-of-the-mill Muslim piece of s**t did what all typical run-of-the-mill Muslim pieces of s**t do whenever they get the opportunity:  Kill in the name of their ‘religion of peace’.

I’ll also guaran-damn-tee you this typical run-of-the-mill Muslim piece of s**t is being called a hero back home and also by every other typical run-of-the-mill Muslim piece of s**t in The UK and around the world.

As for the three L.E.O.’s “tasked with sitting next to the Iranian during his hospital stay”, at minimum they’re guilty of dereliction of duty…… and why do I have the sneaking suspicion the three UKBP officers weren’t armed ?

I’m in such a rage that I can’t comment further or I’ll sta…………

I gotta go blow some holes in paper.  Back later.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
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