Gyorgy Soros bought a strategically located nation.

Took him about 18 years to get it done.

Pull up a chair and set a spell.  This is a big ‘ol post.

Polls opened in Kyrgyzstan on Sunday in the first presidential election since last year’s bloody revolution and deadly ethnic violence.

The ex-Soviet Central Asian nation of 5.3 million people on the border with China faces a key test, for in its 20 years of independence the deeply divided nation has not had a peaceful transition of presidential power.

Voters are choosing one of the 16 presidential candidates at 2,289 polling stations throughout the mountainous country.

Kyrgyzstan is an important partner for US operations against the Taliban.  It is the only country in the world that hosts both US and Russian military bases.

Betcha that when the ‘open and transparent’ elections in Kyrgyzstan are over, the first thing the new president and government does is tell America to get out.

Wait…… How can I say that about the animal species Gyorgysaurus Scumbagicus and Kyrgyzstan’s about-to-be-elected new government ?


Last I checked (over a year ago), the s.o.b. was in $37 Billion deep, getting in heavier and looking for all the world as if he was about to ride in on his high horses**t and demand the keys to the kingdom from whoever it was he wanted in office.

From 18 June 2010 to 4 July 2010, I made an attempt (at Ban Central Station) to chronicle what was going on in Kyrgyzstan at the time – Government crackdowns, riots from way-left-of-left ‘protestors’, etc.

Here’s all of my input, sans comments from Ban Central’s members/readers.

No idea if any of the links still work and right now, I’m too dang on lazy to check.  But at the time of writing, all were there.

When we get to today’s news of the elections, I’ll repeat the posting up top about the elections and going forward, will make the best attempts possible at finding out facts of what’s going on, as Mr. Soros has corrupted most of the already corrupt state-run media in Kyrgyzstan.   The main source for ‘news’ coming from the region, attempting to be the sole feed for the wire services and more, is called   Mr. Soros owns it through the Soros Foundation, Open Society, etc.

— — — — —

Kyrgyzstan — On the edge of eternity.

Since 1993 Mr. Soros has transferred “a bit” of money to Kyrgyzstan…… As grants…… For community organizing.

We’ll get things going with an article from when I first saw that all hell was breaking loose in Kyrgyzstan.  That was April 7th of this year (2010).   After that article, we’ll jump forward to around a week ago (13 June 2010).

The things in between then and now are staggering to say the least, but we’d be taking up some serious bandwidth and I’d probably lose you in the process.

Actually, if you don’t mind, just because some folks who see this may not realize where on God’s Beautiful Earth we’re talking about, we’ll start with a map…….  The City Of Osh Kyrgyzstan

Play with the zoom and N-S-E-W toggle and get the lay of the land.  When you zoom out, some things about all this might become really obvious from just the proverbial and literal location, location, location.

— — — — —

Now then, we’re off.

Welcome to the longest single posting you’ll ever encounter.

I truly ‘hope’ you’ll be informed and learn some things, because this is ‘change’, the likes of which will be coming here to America on a much much larger scale.


Revolution In Kyrgyzstan — Open Warfare In The Streets

7 April 2010

Opposition activists seized the parliament building and laid siege to the government headquarters. The country’s deputy prime minister was taken hostage and there were reports from police that the interior minister had been killed.  The main state television station was overrun and by early afternoon the president had declared a state of emergency.  Reports suggested about 100 people were killed and 180 wounded, although the death toll is expected to rise with witnesses describing piles of dead bodies in the streets.

Last night a Kyrgyz opposition leader announced on state radio that Prime Minister Daniyar Usenov had signed a letter of resignation. It was also announced that a provisional government had been formed with former foreign Minister Roza Otunbayeva at its head. President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who reportedly fled Bishkek, is yet to formally resign himself.     “Power is now in the hands of the people’s government,” Ms Otunbayeva said in an address on state radio.

The United States, which uses an air base at Manas in Kyrgyzstan to supply troops in Afghanistan, called for calm, saying it was “deeply concerned” by events.

An embassy spokesman in the capital, Bishkek, urged all parties to “show respect for the rule of law”. The US State Department later said it had no information that the government had fallen and for the moment they believed Mr Bakiyev was still in power.

So, what do we make of this ?

On a purely American-centric concern, is our base in Manas under current threat or imminent danger ?

Do you know where Manas is compared with the centers of the nation’s problems ?

I can bet dollars to donuts that The State Department knows…… and probably doesn’t give a damn, because after all, it’s only our evil military working only to project violence and capitalistic imperialism.

Hmmmmm…… It’s probably best that I refrain on any snarktastic (but more than likely spot-on and deadly accurate) commentary for now and just stick with facts.

=== === === === === === ===

Right…… As stated above, we’ll now jump forward to around one week ago (12 June 2010), as things have gotten ‘a bit’ out of hand.

(This article – and some others to come – are from The World Bulletin – The state-run news service in Turkey.  They’re ‘a tad’ biased towards peace loving.)

Kyrgyzstan asks Russia to help as ‘everywhere burning’.

The interim government in Kyrgyzstan, which hosts U.S. and Russian military bases, said it was powerless to stop armed gangs from burning down the homes and businesses of ethnic Uzbeks in parts of Osh. Gun battles raged throughout the night.

“We need the entry of outside armed forces to calm the situation down,” interim government leader Roza Otunbayeva told reporters. “We have appealed to Russia for help and I have already signed such a letter for President Dmitry Medvedev.”

“Everywhere is burning: Uzbek homes, restaurants and cafes. The whole town is covered in smoke,” local human rights worker Dilmurad Ishanov, an ethnic Uzbek, said by telephone from Osh.  “We don’t need the Kyrgyz authorities. We need Russia. We need troops. We need help.”

Considering where this is all coming from, it may be a really good idea to ask The Russians to lend a hand.

Kyrgyzstan Government Order:  Shoot To Kill.

Kyrgyzstan will send reserve forces and volunteers to its troubled south on Sunday after a third night of gun battles took the death toll to 80 in the Central Asian state’s worst ethnic violence in two decades.

The move comes as the interim government of Kyrgyzstan granted “shoot-to-kill powers” to its security forces after deadly riots between ethnic Uzbeks and Kyrgyz in the southern cities of Osh and Jalalabad.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement it would send a “volunteer force” to the south because the situation in Osh and Jalalabad regions — strongholds of ousted president Kurmanbek Bakiyev — remained “complex and tense”.

Of course a Socialist-Totalitarian government will order ‘shoot-to-kill’ at the drop of a hat.  They wouldn’t be Socialist-Totalitarians otherwise.

Less than 24 hours after Kyrgyzstan requests help from their all-powerful all-knowing, all-seeing neighbors to the North……


Russia sees no conditions for sending troops into violence-hit Kyrgyzstan for now, as the conflict there is an internal one, but will offer humanitarian aid, a Kremlin spokeswoman was quoted as saying on Saturday.

“It is an internal conflict and for now Russia does not see the conditions for taking part in its resolution,” Natalya Timakova, spokeswoman for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, was quoted as saying by Interfax news agency.

I can honestly envision Mr. Medvedev saying, ‘No soup troops for you…… Unless we want to send them in to take your country !’

— — — — —

Now then, before we go any further, I see your hand raised as if you wish to pose a question, so go right ahead and ask.

What about The UN  ?

The UN either won’t go in (for what will eventually be obvious reasons), and/or can’t get in and/or isn’t being let in and as all sane people are aware, has no real power unless they simply order ‘The Blue Helmets’ to invade a sovereign nation…… which right about now, I wouldn’t put past them doing, just because they think they can – and get tens-of-thousands more killed in the process.

— — — — —

June 14th 2010

Borders now closed to those trying to leave.

Bodies in the streets.

Uzbekistan closed its borders to refugees fleeing the deadly violence in Kyrgyzstan, some of whom have accused government forces of helping armed gangs slaughter ethnic Uzbeks.  Aid agencies handling the emergency meanwhile reported fresh allegations of atrocities from the survivors.

Bodies littered the streets of the southern Kyrgyzstan city of Osh where fresh gunfire rang out, and more fighting was reported in the nearby city of Jalalabad. Scores are reported killed in four days of clashes.  With estimates of up to 100,000 people already inside Uzbekistan, the Central Asian state’s Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Aripov said the border would be shut, despite pleas from aid groups and the UN to leave it open.

“Today we will stop accepting refugees from the Kyrgyz side because we have no place to accommodate them and no capacity to cope with them,” he said.

A building genocide in Kyrgyzstan.

16 June 2010

Now we find out something ‘interesting’ about the city of Osh in Kyrgyzstan that may not have been known by many before now and that little kernel of “ah ha !” will be highlighted in red within the linked article snippet.

Kyrgyzstan military surrounds city of Osh.

Loots city.

Osh, Kyrgyzstan (AP) — Kyrgyzstan’s weak military attempted Wednesday to regain control of the city of Osh, a major transit point for Afghan heroin and the epicenter of ethnic violence that has driven much of the Uzbek population from the country’s poor, rural south.

Troops encircled the city with checkpoints and held the central square, but citizens reported that some soldiers also were looting food aid, casting doubt on the government’s ability to re-establish stability after nearly a week of brutal attacks.

The leader of Kyrgyzstan’s Uzbek community said the death toll among Uzbeks exceeded 300. The official toll on both sides is 189, although officials have acknowledged it is likely far higher. More than 100,000 Uzbeks have fled to Uzbekistan, with tens of thousands more camped on the Kyrgyz side of the border.

Remember…… The Kyrgyzstan military, such as it is, has orders stating they can shoot to kill to restore order.

A ‘borrowed’ small backpack filled with heroin from Afghanistan can make a Kyrgyzstan foot soldier’s normal monthly paycheck (if he even gets one) seem as worthless as trying to talk over a Vuvuzela while riding in a VW Beetle that has no muffler.

— — — — —

June 17th 2010.

Yet again, we have Turkey’s World Bulletin reporting. But this time, we’re looking through the eyes of Uzbekistan and what’s happening there with Kyrgzy citizens.

Uzbek neighbourhoods have barricaded themselves for fear of further violence, setting up unofficial demarcation lines separating them from Kyrgyz parts.

“We cannot say that everything has been contained and stopped,” Alik Orozov, secretary of the Security Council, told reporters. “There are forces out there that have yet to be defeated. To explode the situation in Bishkek you don’t need an army. A band of 15-20 militants is enough.”

A barbed wire fence patrolled by Uzbek troops divides the countries. Tens of thousands who crossed into Uzbekistan before the border was closed are housed in schools and rows of tents.

With the Uzbek border closed and their own homes destroyed, many of the refugees do not know where they will go next. ”I believe that about 30 percent of people, those who have houses more or less intact, may return soon. Another 30 percent may return a little later,” Saipedinov, the doctor, said. ”The problem is the other 30 percent have nowhere to go.”

The people will all be forced to ‘hope for change’.

We’ll now go to three links obtained via my friend Stable Hand at The Jawa Report.   Thank you for everything you’re doing SH.   You’ve no idea how much you’re appreciated by many many people.

UN Watch:  Hillel Neuer exposes UN silence on Kyrgyzstan Massacres.

Now the plot thickens and is coming to a boil, stirring constantly.

Ethnic cleansing.

Did the Kyrgyz’s commit over 100,000 murders of Uzbeki’s ?

It was early afternoon when the mob surged down an alley of neat rose bushes and halted outside Zarifa’s house.  The Kyrgyz men broke into her courtyard and sat Zarifa down next to a cherry tree. They asked her a couple of questions.  After confirming she was an ethnic Uzbek, they stripped her, raped her and cut off her fingers.  After that they killed her and her small son, throwing their bodies into the street.  They then moved on to the next house.

“They were like beasts,” Zarifa’s neighbour, Bakhtir Irgayshon, said today, pointing to the gutted bedframe where she had been assaulted. A few pots and pans remained; the rest of the family home was a charred ruin.  Zarifa’s husband, Ilham, was missing, Irgayshon said, probably dead.  Only his mother, Adina, survived the Kyrgyz-instigated conflagration that engulfed the neighbourhood of Cheremushki last Friday.

Hey, remember the base that The Grea…… Oops, almost gave up the ending there.

Remember the base we have in Kyrgyzstan ?

Yeah, glad you did. Thousands of our people have passed through there going in-country, forwarding to Afghanistan and some rotating out heading back to the land of the all-night PX. Some returning heroes will never know they transited either.

Anyway, Kyrgyzstan’s government (what passes for one at least) remembers we’re there as well.

A senior Kyrgyz official today warned that the interim government would consider shutting a strategic US airbase if Britain refused to hand over the son of the country’s ousted president.

The Kyrgyz government believes Maxim Bakiyev, arrested at Farnborough airport on Sunday, helped organise the violence ravaging the country’s south.

Kyrgyzstan’s deputy leader of the provisional government, Azimbek Beknazarov, said: “England never gives up people who arrive on its territory. But since England and the US fight terrorism and the arrangement with the airbase is one of the elements of that fight, then they must give over Maxim Bakiyev.”

Get that ultimatum ?

They’ve got him ; We want him ; If they don’t hand him over yesterday, you’re getting thrown out the day before.

“The Jews are kaput….. The Jews are already gone.”

Now why in the world would Kyrgyzstan give a horses ptoot about Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos ?

Let’s find out, shall we ?

We now revert backwards in time to April 9, 2010 and a five-page article with photos that’s an absolute must-read.

Blood in the Streets of Bishkek — My two days running with the mob in Kyrgyzstan.

“The revolution is over. … We have won … we are in control here.” The rebel is crouching atop an armoured personal carrier punctured by bullets. This is a rasping, hoarse voice. “We are the security.” He is in his 20s and draped in the blood-red flag of Kyrgyzstan, whose golden emblem falls over his hunched back as he stares down from this wreck of a vehicle. “Everything is now… calm here.”

His eyes are glazed, sleep-deprived. Wild. Around us, dawn is creeping over Bishkek and smells of gunpowder. Plumes of smoke are slowly rising from smouldering ruins. The last crackling of AK-47s fell silent only hours before.

Again, this is from 9 April 2010 – BEFORE things ramped up to where they are now, over two months later, with ethnic cleansing / genocide.

Small groups of men begin to gather at bus stops to take them back to work. They arrive and furtively at the shop keepers return to their tills. The masses melting back out of one baying mob and an ocean of fear into the honeycomb of intricate complexity of fragile human threads that we call society. People stroll through the parks. Abruptly a megaphone is turned to full volume. Arabic echoes through Bishkek.

The imams are singing for the dead.

Do you understand now ?

— — — — —

18 June 2010

Hey lookie….. Somebody is actually acknowledging to be running teh gubmint in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan’s interim leader Roza Otunbayeva has visited the country’s south in a bid to calm tensions after admitting the death toll in ethnic clashes may be ten times higher than official figures.

Otunbayeva, wearing a bullet-proof vest and accompanied by a heavy security detail, landed by helicopter for her first visit to the devastated city of Osh since the unrest began nearly a week ago, an AFP correspondent reported on Friday.  “I came here to see, to speak with the people and hear firsthand what happened here.  We will do everything to rebuild this city,” Otunbayeva said before a handful of people on the main square.

During her visit, Otunbayeva stayed away from the city’s devastated Uzbek neighbourhoods – many of which were burnt to the ground amid the worst of the ethnic bloodshed.  Victims of the unrest have said that the violence was a brutal and orchestrated campaign by armed militias of ethnic Kyrgyz targeting their Uzbek neighbours.

But Otunbayeva played down the scale of animosity between ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks that fuelled the clashes.  “We have always lived together and we always will live together,” she said.

Hmmmmmmm…… I wonder how much of a ‘clean up’ was done before Ms. Otunbayeva came a-callin’ for her photo op tour of her nation’s strife-torn region.

Wait a second.   Ms. Otunbayeva ?   Her visit ?

Well whaddya know.  Wonders never cease.  A female ‘interim leader’ in Kyrgyzstan.  I’m seriously impressed she’s still bre……

I better not go there.

— — — — —

Article from The World Bulletin:

With friends like these……

Turkey’s Special Representative to Kyrgyzstan Ambassador Fatih Ceylan met on Thursday Kyrgyz Foreign Minister Ruslan Kazakbayev and Turkish businessmen in this country.

Ceylan said he came to this country to assess demands and needs of Kyrgyzstan, reiterating that Turkey would assist to overcome technical problems.

Nice diplo-speak throughout this report. Remember, this is Turkey’s own state-run news service.

But all is well and good, right up until you see the next article and just exactly who from Turkey is assisting “to overcome technical problems”…… and they’re ecstatic about it.

The IHH is being sent in to Kyrgyzstan.

“The rest of the relief team will be helping to coordinate the aid activities in Kyrgyzstan together with IHH’s partner organization in the country,” IHH said.

Yeah, the same folks who sset up the peace-loving Gaza flotilla.

This is exactly the peace-loving organization you’d want helping “to overcome technical problems” in a razor’s-edged peace-loving environment where ordinary people are simpl…… Never mind.

— — — — —

One of the following gents has a boot that looks like it might be on his left foot and the other is most probably on his left foot too.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Assistant Secretary Of State For South And Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake and no, you don’t have to keep your eye on the sparrow.

It runs in the family Robert O. Blake Sr. was a top-notch diplo-dude and his son, Robert O. Blake Jr. has followed in his dad’s footsteps since 1985.

Apparently in June 2009, our boy here was confirmed by Los Senato to his current position.

But enough background.

Assistant Secretary Of State Blake is not alone in Kyrgyzstan.

The following is directly from The State Department’s website:

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert O. Blake, Jr. will travel to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan June 14-16 and Tashkent, Uzbekistan June 17-18.

Assistant Secretary Blake will lead a large official delegation to the first Annual Bilateral Consultations (ABCs) with the Government of Turkmenistan. The delegation includes Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Michael Posner, and Kurt Donnelly, the Director for Central Asia at the National Security Council. The ABCs will address a wide range of bilateral issues from energy cooperation to human rights. Turkmenistan is the fourth Central Asian country to conduct ABCs with the U.S. over the past six months.

Assistant Secretaries Blake and Posner and NSC Director Donnelly will travel to Tashkent for regular consultations with the government, civil society, and multilateral partners in Uzbekistan.

Oooooh, Assistant Secretary Of State For South And Central Asian Affairs Robert O. Blake, Jr. has opined on the situation.

Al-Reuters has it…….. via an NPR station’s website:

“We urge the provisional government of Kyrgyzstan to take immediate steps to stop the violence,” Blake told reporters on the Uzbek side of the border. “A Kyrgyz investigation should be complemented by an international investigation.”

That’s tellin’ ‘em, Bobby boy.   Git-r-done !

That’s not the real reason I linked to the article though.

This is:  The last two paragraphs.

Shorties, but ‘kind of’ important in the grand scheme of things.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, warned Islamist extremists could grab power in Kyrgyzstan should the government fail to gain control.

“When people lose faith in the ability of the civil authorities to bring law and order and decide there is only one force that can do it, then we can end up with a Kyrgyzstan that would develop along the Afghan scenario, the Afghan scenario of the Taliban period,” he said.

But…… but…… I thought everything was getting bet……… Russia said they weren’t gonna help because this whole thing is an internal prob……… A woman ascended to the Prime Minister’s seat in a Mu……… Isn’t it the religion of peac…………

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuggedaboudit……………… Nobody cares.

— — — — —

One ringy-dingy……

Hello, have I reached the party to whom I am speaking ?

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov held a telephone conversation with United Nations Organization Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on 16 June.

During the talk, the leader of Uzbekistan informed the UN head about the concrete data, figures and facts, which give evidence about the unpunished killings, violence, pogroms and arson by organized gangs of bandits towards peaceful citizens, mainly Uzbek population, in the recent days in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic, in Osh city and Jalalabad region.

Sec. Gen. Moon was reported to have yawned, mumbled into the phone something to the effect of ‘yes we can’, disconnected the line and asked his assistant to bring in “that big bottle of Scotch”.

President of Uzbekistan holds telephone conversation with US State Secretary.

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov held a telephone conversation with US State Secretary Hillary Clinton on 17 June to discuss tragic events in the city of Osh and Jalalabad region of Kyrgyzstan in the recent days.

The US State Secretary was informed on the situation in the south of Kyrgyzstan and in the refugee camps on the territory of Uzbekistan, in areas bordering Kyrgyzstan.

Unconfirmed internal State Department communications have Mme. Secretary – while on the line with the Uzbek president – asking her staff for a world map to make sure this place ‘Kergeewhatever’ is really on planet Earth and also demanding a trace-back to NSA to ensure this is not one of their ‘crank’ calls supposedly from The Ixliplix Galaxy that have been coming multiple-times-daily over the past six months asking for landing coordinates so the intergalactic peace mission could help rid our home of Moose Limb terrorism forever.

— — — — —

We’re still covering reports from 18 June 2010.

Kyrgyzstan violence threatens China’s burgeoning economic influence with neighbor.

BEIJING (AP) — Bustling trade between China and Kyrgyzstan has slowed to a trickle since deadly violence broke out in Kyrgyzstan, and experts say the crisis could diminish Beijing’s economic clout in the country while bolstering rival Russia’s already dominant influence.

Most days, as many as 200 trucks loaded with televisions, apples, T-shirts and other Chinese goods enter Kyrgyzstan at the Yi’erkeshitan Pass. On Thursday, however, no trucks and just four people crossed at the pass high in the Tianshan mountains in far western China’s Xinjiang region, according to an official with the border crossing administration.

While hopeful that Russia can help stabilize the situation in Kyrgyzstan, Beijing is also warily watching how Moscow and Washington might use it to their advantage, Chinese Central Asia expert Sun Zhuangzhi wrote in Friday’s Global Times, a newspaper published by the ruling Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily.

“It would be unfavorable and unacceptable to China if Russia and the U.S. were to exchange strategic interests amid the crisis and in the process involve some of China’s interests in Kyrgyzstan in that swap,” Sun wrote.

Maybe China will send troops in to Kyrgyzstan.  After all, they do know a bit about the Uigher gents given the vacation of their lives in Bermuda at our expense.

Hey, isn’t the peace-loving area of China right there on the Kyrgyzstan border ?   Yeah, but  that would be way too much of a sheer and totally unrelated to anything coincidence, now wouldn’t it ?

— — — — —

UN appeals for $71 million to help multitude affected by ethnic unrest in Kyrgyzstan.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is appealing for $71 million to help hundreds of thousands of people affected by ethnic unrest in Kyrgyzstan. Ban told reporters that an estimated 300,000 people have been displaced by the fighting in southern Kyrgyzstan and up to 100,000 have fled across the border to Uzbekistan. He said tens of thousands more are waiting to cross the border.

The U.N. chief said there are shortages of food, water and electricity due to looting, a lack of supplies and restrictions on movement. Ban said he has been discussing options for restoring order and preventing further loss of life with the head of Kyrgyzstan’s interim government and other leaders in the region.

Banki On The Moonunit appeals for $71 million ?

Appeals to who ?

$71 million ?

Who’s he kiddin’ ?

That won’t even cover the cost of the bribes just to get aid into the country, let alone the aid itself.

— — — — —

Uzbek activist held in Kyrgyzstan.

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan, June 18 (UPI) — A Uzbek activist arrested this week in southern Kyrgyzstan should be released immediately, Human Rights Watch said Friday.

Local observers say Azimzhan Askarov was detained Tuesday in the village of Bazar Korgan in the Jalal-Abad region while documenting the ethnic violence that has hit the southern part of the country, the group said. He allegedly has been beaten repeatedly in an effort to make him give up the hiding place of his cameras and film.

“Azimzhan Askarov has been targeted for his legitimate activities as a human rights defender. He is a prisoner of conscience and as such he should be released immediately,” said Maisy Weicherding, Amnesty International’s expert on Central Asia.

Things are looking up for evil.

HRW and AI are getting involved.

— — — — —

The summit of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization opened in Tashkent
on Friday with a meeting of the heads of states of the SCO member states.

During the talks, the leaders considered issues of improvement of the activity of the SCO and its bodies, development of cooperation in the political, trade-economic and humanitarian spheres, strengthening regional security and stability, joint fight against terrorism, religious extremism and separatism, drugs and arms smuggling, and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, as well as situation in Afghanistan.

The dudes (in the photo above) gettin’ together for some beer pong, porn surfing and pickin’ up babes were President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of China Hu Jintao, President of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev and President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon.


=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

It’s now 19 June 2010.

— — — — —

Do you know where any leadership for freedom is ?

Video embedding disabled by AFP and most likely an advert will play first, but the presentation is worth watching.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the value of fifty-five seconds of video ?

This could very well be the first video from the region anyone here in The USA has seen.

— — — — —

After a big-time “Nyet !,  No soup for you !” declaration just a few days ago, all of a sudden, Russia considers guarding key Kyrgyzstan sites.

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia is considering sending troops to Kyrgyzstan to guard strategic facilities, Russian news agencies cited a Defense Ministry source as saying on Friday.

“We confirm that there was a request from the Kyrgyz authorities about the dispatch of Russian military personnel to protect strategic facilities. We have taken this request under consideration. No final decision has been made,” RIA, Itar-Tass and Interfax quoted the source as saying.

Kyrgyz interim leader Roza Otunbayeva was quoted by Russian newspaper Kommersant as saying in an interview published on Friday that her government had asked Russia to send troops to guard vital facilities such as reservoirs and hydroelectric power plants.

“Guarding key sites”…… Like electrical generation plants that can get tied int…….. Oh right, that’s what they’re calling it now… “Guarding”.

Something hasn’t felt right about this whole thing from the get go, but it can’t be as simple as a nation-grab.

— — — — —

Kyrgyzstan wants to please Moscow, so guess what’s coming.

Video report from Russian television.

There’s a second video linked at that page.

Da mbi moxem.

That’s as close as I can get to the Russian of “Yes we can”.

— — — — —

They’re voting on a new WHAT ?!?…… WHEN ?!?…… Yer kiddin’ ?!?

In remarks posted on the State Department website, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Kurmanbek Bakiyev, Kyrgyzstan’s president who was toppled in a revolt in April, may be to blame.

“Certainly, the ouster of President Bakiyev some months ago left behind those who were still his loyalists and very much against the provisional government,” she said. “There certainly have been allegations of instigation that have to be taken seriously.”

The article should have been titled: ‘Hillary Clinton blames everything on ousted Kyrgyz leader Bakiev’.

Hmmmmmmm…… She didn’t blame Teh Eeeeevil Booooooooooosh and/or Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos.   Things might be looking up in the world.

I thought that was the main ‘wow’ grab from the article.


Not even close.

This article is the first time I saw the notice anywhere, including from the Kyrgyzstan state news services:

Interim leader Roza Otunbayeva has struggled to assert control in the shattered south where Uzbek neighbourhoods have barricaded themselves against Kyrgyz parts in a tense standoff.

She said Bakiyev loyalists, seeking to avenge their expulsion, are trying to destabilise Kyrgyzstan before a referendum on a new constitution on June 27.

“I think we will be able to prevent any further outbursts,” she told Reuters. “God help us stay this way.”

An entirely new Constitution is to be voted on in Kyrgyzstan.

In just over a week.

In such a stable and peace-loving environment.

A fully new Constitution.

What could go wrong ?

Gee, I could get really snarky and “hope” that Kyrgyzstan offers her people real “change” and pops in a 1st and 2nd Amendment to their new Constitution.

Yeah, it’s also thoroughly possible that chickens have lips, OJ’s innocent and Barry’s not a Marxist Jihadi.

But wait…… help’s a-comin’ !

Turkish Red Crescent sends aid to Kyrgyzstan.

The Turkish Red Crescent sent on Saturday humanitarian aid to turbulent Kyrgyzstan on Saturday.

A cargo plane carrying 40 tons of humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan left for this Central Asian country.

Hey, at least somebody’s doing something.

I’m just wondering that since the Red Crescent only helps peace lov……

Oh, I can’t go there.


Never mind.

“The army is against us, the state is fighting against us.”

“If they come to open the access roads they will shoot at us again.”

Those are the words of 63-year-old Pulat Shikhanov, a resident of Osh Kyrgyzstan.

The mayor of Osh, Melisbek Myrzakmatov, told journalists that authorities have set a deadline of 6pm local time (2200 AEST) on Sunday for the barricades to be removed.

“We gave them two days to remove the barricades. If they do not remove them, we will resort to force,” he said.

“We don’t want to touch (the Uzbeks) but you know they have a lot of weapons and Kyrgyz hostages,” he added.


Who’s the bad guys ?…… Who’s wearing the white hats ?…… Are state armed forces of Kyrgy hitting the Uzbek citizens ?…… Is it the reverse ?…… Is it both ?

Anybody realize yet that Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are separate and sovereign nations ?

Crossing borders, armed conflict, “hostages”.

Last time I…… um…… looked, that was kind of…… er…… the definition of…… ah…… oh yeah…… war.

Officials and aid agencies say the clashes between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks have killed up to 2000 people and affected up to one million, including 300,000 people displaced in Kyrgyzstan and 100,000 who have fled to neighbouring Uzbekistan.

The government said on Saturday it’s extending a state of emergency in the violence-torn southern city of Osh and nearby areas to June 25. Imposed on June 11, the state of emergency had been due to expire on Sunday.

Hey over there in Kyrgy…… Y’all awake even a little ?   The 25th is two days before you vote on a whole new Constitution.


=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

20 June 2010

Something’s coming into focus quickly, sharply…… and deadly.

UK allows ousted Kyrgyz president’s son to stay for now.

The interim Kyrgyz government will press Britain to deny Mr Bakiyev asylum and extradite him. They have already threatened to close the US airbase, sited in the north of the country, unless he is returned. The airbase is a vital part in the resupply logistics for Nato’s Afghanistan operation. A small demonstration demanding Mr Bakiyev’s return was held outside the building that houses representatives of the UK’s Department for International Development in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz capital. Britain does not have an embassy there.

Officials accuse Mr Bakiyev of embezzling part of a £204m Russian loan to Kyrgyzstan and of “irregularities” in his management of the US airbase. According to a spokesman for the Kyrgyz prosecutor general’s office, a criminal case was launched against Mr Bakiyev in May. Before arriving in Britain, Mr Bakiyev, the former head of the Kyrgyz Central Agency for Development, was believed to have travelled to one of the Baltic states. An arrest warrant on fraud charges was issued through Interpol after he disappeared from the country.

What’s going on over there ain’t caused over that kind of play money.

No way.

It’s caused by the kind of money and (more importantly) power you’re about to see.

China, Uzbekistan sign accords on gas, uranium.

Chinese President Hu Jintao and Uzbekistan’s President Islam Karimov signed a number of agreements regarding the purchase of energy from Uzbekistan, including uranium and natural gas.

In connection with Hu’s state visit, Uzbekistan’s state-owned Uzbekneftegaz and China National Petroleum Corp. signed a framework agreement on supply of 10 billion cu m (bcm)/year of gas, Oil&Gas Journal reports.

The two sides also noted that, under the accord, they would aim to link Uzbekistan’s gas transmission system with the China-Uzbekistan gas pipeline.

Come in closer and listen.

This is becoming important.

I knew something didn’t smell right through this whole mess.

I just saw that last article five minutes ago and it all clicked into place in one swell foop.

Tale a look at your world map.

In fact, go to the top of this posting.  You’ll see a link to an interactive map zoomed in to the Osh region.   Click on it to another window and keep this one open.

Play with the map a bit.  Zoom out just a little bit.

Make sure you see the Eastern border of Uzbekistan which is the Western border of Kyrgyzstan and the eastern border of Kyrgyzstan…… Let me know when you see it.

Good, you got it.

Osh is located at the point of that indent inside Kyrgyzstan at the Uzbek border.

Zoom out one more level.

See it yet ?

Understand what’s going on ?

Think strategically, not politically.

This isn’t really about just oil, gas and uranium.

What’s to the East and South of Kyrgyzstan ?

C H I N A.

China is East and South of Kyrgyzstan.

Osh is the point closest to the border of Uzbekistan and at the closest point to the Eastern Kyrgy border.

Two words: That Pipeline.

More words – A real big pipeline.   More than one real big pipeline.

China is starving for energy of all kinds.

The uranium is a bonus.

More words: If Kyrgyzstan won’t play ball the proper way (bribes, payoffs, seizing ‘the people’s land’, etc., China (and maybe the Uzbeks as assistants) will just “make it so”.

And I’m betting this is just the start of the power grab, land grab, killing many many people and nation-building behind it…… and the start of an attempt to bring the nations under one flag – a new flag for The Stan’s – It’s red and made in……


I think they’re just starting to make little and somewhat subtle moves now, testing the waters, so to speak.

Here’s my thought: As I see it, today, the here and now:  China’s power base/ruling class pretty much know their only problem can come from Russia.

China’s got America over a triple-barrel-shotgun of debt.

They know it, we know it,  the world knows it.

The US won’t stick it’s nose in, other than like what Assistant Toady Deputy Sec. State Blake did when he stamped his little feet and diplo-spoke the standard line of ‘Y’all talk it out and stop with the kicking’.

Why Uzbek before Kyrgy ?

Easy:  It’s a bridge to both.

Can’t get the nat gas from Uzbek to China’s border without going through Kyrgy.   That’s the shortest way.

The uranium is a bonus.

It’s still bothering me that much of the two nations have a predominately peace-loving population and none of that seems to be in play…… Yet…… Unless I’m missing it totally and I might just be.

I really doubt it – like 90% of the way, but it would be a dang first-rate – but extremely deadly – ‘comedy’ if the peace lovers are playing the Chinese and the Chinese are falling for it sink line and hooker.

But there’s too much still unknown and there’s got to be more plans within plans still to come out.

So of course, I found some more focus, more quickly, more sharply and much more deadly.

Two totally unrelated to anything connections, links and sheer happenstance abound for your perusal.

Anybody buyin’ that ‘unrelated’ stuff ?

Didn’t think so.

Read on, McDuff:

This first bit is from 2007.

Between Scylla and Charybdis: Kyrgyzstan’s Energy Alternatives.

“Kyrgyzstan, although making few headlines regarding its precarious energy situation, is currently attempting to steer a course between Scylla and Charybdis, the great monsters from Greek mythology who sat on opposite sides of a narrow channel and grabbed at passing sailors.

Moving away from the Charybdis of doing nothing and falling further in debt to power-hungry Uzbekistan, Bishkek is developing domestic energy alternatives with foreign financing from Moscow and using its own natural resources as political tools.

However, as in the myth, this potentially brings Kyrgyzstan closer to the multi-headed Scylla of regional conflict, persistent foreign control over its domestic energy sector, and committing violations of international law.“

Click on the link above and you’ll see one heck of a great and long write-up.   But it’s worth the read and explains (what I think is just some) of what’s what with what’s what and the interconnections within interconnections and unstated but obvious plans within plans from many sides.

Like this second thing I found by accident:

A yet-to-be-found reason for a gas pipeline explosion in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan on Apri………… Oh wow, what a surprise. Shocking I tell you, simply shocking: April 9th is when all that rioting ‘out of nowhere’ was going on in Bishkek.

Naaaaah, can’t be part of the problem. Totally unrelated to anything anywhere at any time.

It may even be the fault of the full boatload combination of Teh Eeeeevil Booooooooooosh, Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos, The Easter Bunny and Barry’s Magic-Prayer-Rug-Riding-Rainbow-Colored-Pixie-Dust-Powered Unicorn.

Early April of this year seems to have been some sort of “go go go” moment for all this ‘activity’ in the region, I’m starting to wonder why. Maybe it’s a good idea to check into what else was going on around the world at the time as possible distractions.

You can do that. I’m kind of busy with what’s actually going on over in Kyrgyzstan now and running down the driving forces, agenda and what might be the endgame of a renewed Sov…… Naaaah, can’t be that. The peace lovers are involved.

Anyway, here’s the article on the pipe that went boom.

It was reported four days after occurring and buried on UPI’s “Science News” page.

WASHINGTON, April 13 (UPI) — In the intense international competition for Caspian hydrocarbons that developed after the 1991 collapse of communism, Western interest focused initially on Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Turkmenistan was regarded largely as a closed market because of the mercurial policies of its president for life, “Turkmenbashi” or “father of the Turkmen,” Saparmurat Niyazov.

On April 9 at 1:32 a.m., an as yet unexplained explosion occurred at the 302nd-mile segment of the Truboprovodnaiia Sistema Sredniaia Aziia-Tsentr (the Central Asia-Center, or SATS, pipeline system) SATS-4 Davletbat-Daryalik pipeline between the Ilyaly and Deryalyk compressor stations near the Turkmen-Uzbek border, halting Turkmen natural gas exports to Russia.

While little concrete information has been released about the incident, in an extraordinary move the following day, Turkmenistan’s Foreign Ministry blamed Russia for the pipeline explosion and subsequent conflagration that halted the country’s gas supplies to Moscow.


I don’t think so.   Homey The Cynical Eeeeevil Jooooooooooo Investigator don’t play that.

There was an ethnic (cleansing) riot happening at that same time in that same area.

But wait…… It gets better.

Inspector Clouseau has reported in: Zee meeeestry uv zatt pippy-lean-a go-eenk beeeuuum has not yet beeeeeen soll-ved. Sheeeef Eeenspekter Dry-fooz has orteret me tuu find owt zoze responsibbell ant eye haff knotte vownt zee kreemeeneelz.


No kiddin’.

Nobody knows why their pipeline blows.

Can’t find one single thing about causality.

Not anywhere.

It’s as if all data has been kept off the interwebby thing on purp…… Naaaaaaah, that can’t happen.   It’s 2010 and we all have our George Jetson flying ca…… Oh…… Wait…… Never mind.

— — — — —

Still on 20 June 2010.

Road barriers coming down.


Kyrgy-based Uzbeks refuse to go back to Kyrgy.

Kyrgyz forces remove barricades but Uzbeks still wary.

Kyrgyz forces started removing barriers dividing the city of Osh on Sunday as the government extended a state of emergency in some regions where up to 2,000 people have been killed in ethnic clashes.

But cars, tires and piles of scrap metal remained in place across alleys in central Osh leading to burned-out neighborhoods occupied by ethnic Uzbeks, still fearful of more violence.

“We have become like Palestinians. They attack us with rifles while we can use only stones,” said Mavlyuda Mamadzhanova, 53, an ethnic Uzbek who fled her home when it was attacked.

Something’s still not right here.

Big time not right.

Ethnic Uzbeks refuse to go home in Kyrgyzstan.

Thousands of ethnic Uzbeks massed on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are refusing to return to their homes in southern Kyrgyzstan, saying they fear for their lives.   Associated Press reporters saw Kyrgyz troops enter the border village of Suratash early Sunday and tried to reassure refugees that it was safe to return home. The refugees declined, saying they don’t trust Kyrgyz authorities to provide protection.

Many refugees accuse Kyrgyz troops of abetting the pogroms that have left hundreds of Uzbeks dead and hundreds of thousands homeless.   The refugees say they will not return home and are unsure where to go.   The violence began over a week ago when mobs of ethnic Kyrgyz went on a rampage and burned entire Uzbek neighborhoods.

The Kyrgys attack the Uzbeks.

The Kyrgys then say to those same people – the one’s still alive – that it’s ok to go back to where we attacked you.

Something’s nation-killing not right and it smells like a large amount of death and destruction on the horizon.

Photos.  All I can really say is:  Whoa.

Video.   But I’ll add:  Oh My God.

=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

21 June 2010

America’s semi-armed, not-allowed-to-open-fire, avoid-conflict-at-all-costs military is being allowed to stay at the Manas air base, but things are gonna be ‘a bit’ different.

Under a new deal worth some 177 million dollars, the rent that Washington pays for the base — now called a “transit centre” — will be more than tripled, but the facility can now be used only for non-lethal military supplies.


“Under the new Kyrgyz-US agreement, Manas airport will be used for the transport of non-military goods of a commercial nature, including construction materials, medicine, fuel, water and clothing,”


Washington would pay Bishkek 60 million dollars per year for the rent of the base, a significant increase on the previous annual rent of 17.4 million dollars.


The United States would also pay Kyrgyzstan more than 36 million dollars for improvements in infrastructure at Manas and 30 million dollars for new navigational equipment. On top of that, Washington pledged 20 million dollars for development in Kyrgyzstan; 21 million dollars for fighting drug traffickers; and 10 million for fighting terrorism.


Yeah, snip…… my brain stem, nerve endings and motor skills, because I’m starting to lose what’s left of my friggin’ mind with our current ‘open and transparent’ administration and thei………

I gotta go to the range right away – Now.

But there’s a few more things you need to see.

I just found another something from back in April.

Kyrgyzstan sets date for first elections after uprising.

BISHKEK — Kyrgyzstan’s interim government set a date for parliamentary and presidential elections, stepping up efforts to build legitimacy after the country’s ousted president fled into exile.

The elections will be held on October 10, said Omurbek Tekebayev, deputy head of the interim government, which took power two weeks ago in a popular uprising which ousted president Kurmanbek Bakiyev.  Speaking on national television, Tekebayev said the country would also hold a referendum on a new constitution on June 27.

The announcement of the election date came a day after Bakiyev broke his silence for the first time since fleeing into exile last week in order to declare that he still regarded himself as Kyrgyzstan’s president.

I do not recognise my resignation. Nine months ago the people of Kyrgyzstan elected me their president and there is no power that can stop me. Only death can stop me,” Bakiyev said in the Belarussian capital Minsk.

Bakiyev also denounced the interim government as “bandits” and urged the international community to refrain from granting them legitimacy.

Huh ?

I’d resign, but I wouldn’t accept it.

Sounds exactly like something The Jihadist At 1600™ would say.

— — — — —

Kyrgyz police attack Uzbeks.

NARIMAN, Kyrgyzstan – Uzbek rights activists say police have attacked an ethnic Uzbek village in southern Kyrgyzstan, killing at least two people and wounding more than 20 others. The accusation adds to Uzbek claims of official collusion in rampages that killed up to 2,000 people in Central Asia’s worst ethnic violence in decades. It could also discourage some 400,000 ethnic Uzbeks who fled the violence from coming back.

Aziza Abdirasulova of the respected Kalym-Shaly rights group said he believed the mostly ethnic Kyrgyz police were taking revenge for the killing of a local police chief by Uzbeks in last week’s violence. The authorities couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. He says the attack took place in Nariman, on the outskirts of the country’s second-largest city of Osh.

Peace in the valley, eh ?

— — — — —

Ya better watch out or The New Constitution will get you.

Kyrgyz leader Roza Otunbayeva pledged on Monday to press ahead with a referendum in six days’ time for the sake of the country’s stability, despite calls to postpone it after a wave of ethnic violence.

Otunbayeva flew to Jalalabad, one of the southern Kyrgyz cities ravaged by the violence that has displaced 400,000 residents and raised concerns in the United States and Russia that turmoil could spread to other parts of Central Asia.

Her interim government has struggled to assert control in the south of the former Soviet republic since it assumed power after an April 7 revolt that overthrew the president. It plans a referendum on Sunday on constitutional reform to devolve more power to the prime minister. Some officials have said the vote should be postponed due to the violence and the difficulties in administering strife-torn southern regions.

Attention on deck !

Budding new Dear Leader arriving !

Attention on deck !

— — — — —

…..and through all of this, I can find some baseline comedy……. really.

From February 1st of this year and a report from Agence France Presse.

Kyrgyzstan to issue passports for sheep.

Life insurance and birth certificates too.

They already do it for cows.

Ex-Soviet Kyrgyzstan is preparing to roll out a new system under which the millions of sheep residing in the mountainous state will receive their own high-tech passport, state television reported Monday.

First Deputy Prime Minister Akylbek Japarov said in an address to parliament the government has drafted a bill to deliver a cutting-edge passport to the nation’s sheep. “We are ready to make a passport for each sheep. That is, from their birth to their slaughter, it will be possible to recognise a sheep’s pedigree by using laser scanning,” he said.

There’s extremely serious Statist Totalitarian implications to this – bar codes and/or implants:  Gee, if it’s this easy to get done with four-legged sheep, the ‘two-legged real sheep’ should be just as easy.

But the thought of a sheep stepping up to get it’s driver’s license and being asked for it’s ID……

Clerk: ‘Hi, how are you today ?’

Sheep: ‘Not baaaaaaaaaaad.’

— — — — —

From Reuters India.

Trouble flares in Kyrgyzstan as vote nears.

Kyrgyzstan’s security forces clashed with ethnic Uzbeks on Monday in the south of the former Soviet republic, where up to 2,000 people were killed in a wave of bloodletting earlier this month.

Rights groups said four people were killed and more than 20 wounded when Kyrgyz forces raided an Uzbek village near Osh, epicenter of the ethnic clashes that broke out on June 10.

Gonna get worse.   Bank on it.

Why ?

There appears to be more than two sides to this story and nobody seems to be in charge of at least one of those sides.

— — — — —

Russia and Belarus in energy feud as gas supply reduced.

Russia reduced natural gas supplies to Belarus on Monday after Minsk failed to settle a debt, prompting Europe to activate crisis planning measures as concerns grew over a new “gas war”.

In a theatrical style typical of Russian gas cuts to its ex-Soviet neighbours, President Dmitry Medvedev went on television and ordered Gazprom to close the tap on Russian gas supplies from 0600 GMT after Belarus failed to settle the debt of nearly 200 million US dollars (160 million euros). Medvedev told Gazprom company chief Alexei Miller to reduce gas supplies to Belarus after Miller said Belarus had failed to come up with money and instead was offering machinery to cover the debt.

In a humiliating broadside at maverick Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, Medvedev said he should come up with hard cash — and not goods — to pay the bill. “Gazprom cannot accept anything towards the payment of the debt, neither pies nor butter, not cheese nor pancakes nor other means of payment,” Medvedev said.

Totally unrelated.



That gas going in or out doesn’t matter.

It’s about control and bringing back the old Sov…… Oops, still haven’t solidified that yet, but I don’t think that’s the plan.

Think big picture…… No…… Bigger.

=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

22 June 2010

May as well leave now.

AP report via

Kyrgyz authorities say they plan to create a state-owned company to provide a U.S. air base with fuel, replacing a series of private intermediary firms set up under the recently deposed government.

A decree signed Tuesday by interim President Roza Otunbayeva orders the company to be formed over the next 10 days.

Kyrgyzstan has their very own shiny brand new Dictator In A Training Pants Suit™.

I’m guessing she’s taking some lessons from whatshername over at our State Department……. Heel Hardly Cleansatan or something like that.

— — — — —

Oh look, more peace-loving aid is heading to the region.

Turkish Red Crescent Society said on Monday it would send more humanitarian aid to Uzbek refugees who fled from ethnic clashes in Kyrgyzstan that killed nearly 100 people.

First off, it’s at least 2,000 dead that are know of, around 500,000 displaced that are known of and the area is so unstable that no consistent reportage is occurring.

Second off, I gotta give it to the peace lovers in Turkey…… at least they’re doing something to…….. to…… to…….. defend themselves against (probably) Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos who want to conquer the world with forced-on-everyone bagels and lox.

Read on, because I’m guessing this is totally unrelated to anything going on anywhere else, just like everything else going on everywhere that’s unrelated to anything going on.

Turkey to purchase high-altitude air defense systems.

Guess who’s the choice sellers ?

Ding ding ding……. Those dastardly Americans, or maybe the perfect partner in peace, Russia.

More likely though, it’s gonna be the new kid on the block, China,  who’s looking to tap into the Kyrgyzstan/Uzbekistan natural resource market one way or the other – read that as with standard fully-bribed business deals, or taking it all by force.

Turkey is planning to purchase high-altitude air defense systems in order to meet its military requirements.

Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), which has no long-range missiles and air defense systems in its inventory, currently uses short-range “Rapier” and “Stinger” missile batteries and medium-range modernized “I-Hawk” missile systems, military officials told AA.

According to military sources, USA, Russia and China are currently the top alternatives that can provide Turkey with high-altitude air defense systems.

Oh, now we’re an alternative.


An alternative to what ?

Another global citizen ?

My guess is ‘you know who’ “will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”, because the merde is getting really close to encountering the venitlateur in The Middle East.

My guess is that you should look for a heavy discount on Hi-Alt AA systems to Turkey, because ‘you know who’ wants to create or save as many (unionized) jobs as possible.

Yeah, I know, these would be evil military jobs, but my guess is that would be ok for ‘you know who’ if peace loving intent was the goal.

Associated Press report via The Miami Herald.

OSH, Kyrgyzstan — Troops beat several dozen men and women in an Uzbek neighborhood in southern Kyrgyzstan’s main city on Tuesday in a raid that deepened refugees’ fears about returning to an area seared by an eruption of deadly ethnic violence, Human Rights Watch reported.

Human Rights Watch researcher Anna Neistat said that Kyrgyz troops moved before dawn into the Cheryomushki neighborhood of Osh and broke into one of the few buildings in the area that was not reduced to scorched ruins by ethnic Kyrgyz mobs 10 days ago.

The building has served as a shelter and makeshift hospital for the few remaining Uzbeks. The Kyrgyz forces put all the men face down on the floor, beat them and detained 12, Neistat said. The attackers also beat some of the women and stole cash and valuables from them.

This is going to get much uglier and nobody seems to notice or care.

And now, the one and only Anne Bayefski of The Hudson Institute and Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust offers up some staggering commentary on Kyrgyzstan and much more.

On Friday, the United States delegation in Geneva teamed up with the government of Kyrgyzstan to protect the authorities instead of the people. In the face of what the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has called an “immense” humanitarian crisis, the Council adopted a U.S.-Kyrgyz initiative as trivial as its title suggests: “technical assistance and cooperation on human rights in Kyrgyzstan.”

Southern Kyrgyzstan is engulfed in ethnic violence that has affected more than one million people, left 400,000 homeless and thousands of dead and injured according to the U.N. Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the ICRC.  The Kyrgyz government is failing to provide protection and to stop the violence, with numerous reports that government security forces are contributing to the targeting of Uzbeks.

Of course the administration sided with evil. Democrats, Leftists, Socialists, Communists and Totalitarians always protect each other.

Read it all.

— — — — —

Kyrgyzstan Jews Make It To Israel.

Twelve members of country’s small Jewish community flee deadly ethnic clashes, immigrate to Israel.

Amid escalating riots against Uzbek minority in Kyrgyzstan, 12 Jews from Kyrgyzstan landed in Israel on Monday. The immigrants were the first group to arrive since ethnic riots broke out in the country.

Because Israel does not have an embassy in Kyrgyzstan, the Foreign Ministry instructed the embassy in the neighboring country of Kazakhstan to contact the Jewish community and offer to help them leave the country.

The Jewish Agency also prepared an evacuation plan for the 1,200 member community, but according to information obtained by Israeli sources, most of the Jews in Kyrgyzstan are not willing to leave their country.

Y’all gotsta go…… Git…… Either that, or stay and get a gun…… Several guns……. Ammo too…… A lot of ammo.

— — — — —

Kyrgyzstan: Is the West worried enough ?

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan — Kyrgyzstan’s shaky provisional government is banking that a constitutional referendum this Sunday will provide it the legitimacy and support that it desperately needs, but many observers are anxious that the vote will simply hasten the country’s downward political spiral.

One week after anti-Uzbek riots in the southern cities of Osh and Jalal Abad left possibly thousands dead and even more homeless, the government of President Roza Otunbayeva is struggling to demonstrate that it actually has a grip on the country.

I can’t really add much to this gent’s writing.

=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

23 June 2010

The Story Of One Life Upturned By Ethnic Violence.

Radio Free Europe – Radio Liberty presents Kholida Ahmedova and her family.

Just days ago, Kholida Ahmedova led a relatively comfortable life along with her husband and their children in a house in Cheryomushki, a predominantly Uzbek neighborhood in the southern Kyrgyz city of Osh.

Everything changed so quickly, she says. One minute the family was sleeping at home peacefully, the next minute the neighborhood was under attack. People were being killed and houses set ablaze.

There’s a 2:51 video clip at the link.

I must still ask: Is ANYBODY actually running the show there who gives a damn about their people and cities being decimated, or are they all part of it ?

— — — — —

Here it comes.

The moment you’ve been waiting for.

You knew it was inevitable the connection would be found.

Was kind of easy once I figured out where to look first.

The Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan
55A, Logvinenko St., Bishkek, 720040, Kyrgyzstan
Phone: (996 312) 66 34 75, 66 34
Fax: (996 312) 66 34 48

Kyrgy office since 1993 – And in Bishkek no less – The building still stands.

Community Organizing in Kyrgyzstan.

Could A.R.I.S. have anything to d…… Naaaaaaaaaaah…… I’m sure it’s a totally unrelated-to-anything-whatsoever coincidence that Good Ol’ GyorgyBoy has a foundation office in Kyrgyzstan since 1993 that gave upwards of — this is a real number: $37 Billion USD – to the nation that’s now violently coming apart at the seams.

After all, they’re so…… so…… so…… 75% peace-loving.

The basic principle of the Foundation here is assistance in building civil society institutes.  Initiatives of non-governmental organizations and mass media are provided by grant support. In this framework the Foundation intends to assist in providing conditions for functioning of civil society institutes.”

$37 Billion USD worth of Soros community organizing in a nation where very few people have any tangible assets.

Why ?


Kyrgyzstan is the land in between huge natural resources – including rare-earth material – in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Russia / China. Oh look…… Afghanistan Pakistan and India are right there too.


=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

24 June 2010

This matters.

Digital Memory And A Massacre.

On Sunday I lay in bed and watched an Uzbek man be burned alive.  The video starts with a fire in the center of a crowd. At first it is not even clear that the fire is a human being.  As the Uzbek man thrashes and screams, the crowd laughs and applauds, shouting insults in Kyrgyz.  No one makes a move to save him.

This video is all over the internet.  In the version I saw, a link to which arrived in my inbox with the warning “attention — graphic”, there were captions to tell me who was who.  “Kyrgyz”, it said, indicating the crowd; “Uzbek”, it said, pointing to the victim.  About halfway in, another caption appeared over the burning man’s body:  “Oh brothers, take revenge for me, for I can no longer live myself.”

I watch the Uzbek man writhing on the ground, screaming in pain, as a Kyrgyz man emerges from the crowd and runs to him.  At first I thought he was going to help him, but instead he kicks him while the crowd roars in approval.  My two-year-old daughter looks up at me and says “Who’s making that sound?” and I shut the laptop off.

After that, the write-up gets going.

— — — — —

He said, she said.

People die, cities burn, nobody cares.

It’s such a peace-loving thing, ain’t it ?

Islamist groups sparked violence.

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan (AP) — Kyrgyzstan’s security agency claimed Thursday that relatives of the toppled president colluded with the Taliban and other Islamic militant movements to provoke the ethnic violence that has destabilized the Central Asian nation.

The security agency said two of former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s relatives met last month in Afghanistan with representatives of the Taliban, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and Tajik militants to discuss plans to trigger unrest in Kyrgyzstan.

What a surprise…… Not.

A total shocker on all levels and directions…… Not

All together lefties…… It’s Bush’s Fault !…… Not.

— — — — —

Vote – Then be enslaved or die.

Kyrgyz voters will vote on Sunday in a referendum that the country’s interim leader says is crucial to restoring order after a wave of ethnic bloodshed.

Airplanes dropped government leaflets over the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek on Thursday urging people to vote and ignore what it described as provocations plotted by Bakiyev allies during the referendum.

Voters will be asked one simple question: Do they approve a new constitution that devolves power from the president to the prime minister?

Under the new charter, Otunbayeva would remain interim president until the end of 2011, before stepping aside.

Voters to be asked one question ?


They’re voting on an entirely new Constitution. Teh Gubmint there said so themselves (see above within all the postings).


This must be another of those “we have to pass the bill so you can know what’s in it” kind of things.

Maybe I can get a phone call into Mr. Soros by the end of the business day tomorrow and find out how voting totals will be on Sunday.

I guess we can all “hope for change” in Kyrgyzstan.

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=== === === === ===

25 June 2010

Soros & Russians Everywhere And Not A Drop Of Freedom To Drink.

George Soros is trying to control the news and events in Kyrgyzstan.

He owns and funds and since 1993, Soros has given grants – not loans – simply given over $37 Billion USD to just one organization in Kyrgyzstan – A R I S – a community organizing entity.

One can only imagine how much more money he’s run in through additional agencies and other in-country ‘community organizers’.

The Russian and American governments are discussing a bilateral government deal, under which Russian state-controlled oil companies Rosneft and Gazpromneft would supply kerosene directly to the Manas Transit Centre, a crucial logistics hub for the war in Afghanistan.

According to a report in Eurasianet, the Central Asia news site funded by George Soros, the US-Russia supply deal is under “active consideration” by both sides, and could be signed as early as this Thursday’s meeting of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and US President Barack Obama in Washington.

On Monday, Kyrgyzstan’s interim President Roza Otunbayeva, signed a decree nationalising the companies which own the fuel depot at Manas.

$37 Billion (and a secure BlackBerry) gets ya “active consideration” alright.

— — — — —

Kyrgyz arrest nephew of deposed president, accuse him of organizing ethnic riots.

The Interior Ministry said Friday that 27-year-old Sandjar Bakiyev was detained in the mountains of the Jalal-Abad region, despite “serious resistance” from him and his supporters.

Kyrgyzstan’s security chief has accused Bakiyev family members of hiring Islamic militants to set off clashes between Kyrgyz and minority Uzbeks, who have a history of ethnic tensions.

Two links, both from two weeks ago.

Prospects for ‘Kyrgyz Scenario’ Debated in Tajikistan

Iran Builds Closer Ties With Tajikistan.

……and a third one from today (25 June 2010) on the George Soros owned and operated “news service” called Remember: Since 1993, he’s given at least $37 Billion to ARIS – a ’community organizing’ entity in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyz Referendum Faces Security and Legitimacy Hurdles.

— — — — —

The next two reports are via Reuters.

Many Uzbeks in Osh alienated, afraid to vote — Uzbek neighbourhoods destroyed.

Election officials say mobile ballot boxes will be delivered into Uzbek neighbourhoods, escorted by security forces. But this could run the risk of provoking more violence, especially after a series of raids by security forces on Uzbek homes this week.

Inside the mosque, a lone voice called for autonomy for the Uzbek population of southern Kyrgyzstan. “We don’t want to be part of this country,” said Khalmat, a labourer, who declined to give his second name. “We built this city with our own hands and now they want us out. They blame us for everything. We don’t believe the army will protect us. They are only killing and looting.”

Y’all starting to “get it” yet ?

U.S. plans military training centre in Tajikistan.

U.S. ambassador Ken Gross told reporters that Washington hoped to sign a deal to build the training center by autumn this year, with the aim of opening it sometime in 2011.

The Karatag National Training Center, about 45 km (30 miles) from the capital Dushanbe, would be administered by the Tajik National Guards and open for all Tajik forces, he said.

In late 2009, The US State Department said the population of Tajikistan is 98% Muslim. Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs — Background Note: Tajikistan.

Nothing to see here.

These are not the peace lovers you are looking for.

Move along.

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26 June 2010

I wonder how many hangin’ chads they’ll have.

Kyrgyz troops vote in first stage of referendum.

“The boys are voting today so they can be on high alert on election day,” said Abdykalyk Boltabayev, a local election commission official.

“Of course it’s scary, but we have to be out on the streets to protect the people,” said Irina, an ethnic Russian sergeant in the Kyrgyz army, who declined to give her last name.

“Everyone always lived in peace, side by side, but all of a sudden they are at war,” she said.

The clashes have deepened divisions between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks, whose populations are roughly equal in the south. Both sides say they were attacked by the other.

Something this big is not “all of a sudden”. It’s looking more and more like some sort of long-planned and world-wide ramp up to a soon-to-occur “go go go” moment in time for……… ahhhhhh, y’all gonna think my tin-foil hat is on too tight again.

Kyrgyz prosecutors exhume ethnic violence victims.

OSH, Kyrgyzstan (AP) – Investigators in southern Kyrgyzstan have begun exhuming the bodies of those killed during ethnic rampages that claimed hundreds of lives and displaced hundreds of thousands. Southern parts of this impoverished Central Asian nation were thrown into chaos by five days of ethnic violence during which mobs of Kyrgyz attacked ethnic Uzbek neighborhoods. The violence followed a bloody uprising in April that toppled President Kurmanbek Bakiyev.

A large number of victims have not been officially identified because many were buried quickly in keeping with Muslim tradition. Acting deputy Interior Minster Bakyt Alynbayev said Saturday digging up the corpses was essential for full investigations and compensation claims.

The next article also seems to be “in keeping with Muslim tradition”.

The hands of persecution tighten in Uzbekistan.

Slowly they turn, step by step, inch by inch, until…… Nobody notices that anything is going on with a once striving-to-be-free people, because there’s no striving to be free people to notice anything going on.

— — — — —

From June 19th, a video report and article from – hey, lookie here – CNN.

Hi, CNN: A very belated and sincere ‘welcome to the party’ (so to speak).  Nice to see you.  I am truly apologizing for not including this link when you ran it up.   Until the moment when I saw the link, I honestly hadn’t  thought to look at CNN for anything factual.

However, here’s an honest challenge from someone (me) who hasn’t watched CNN in literally a decade:  Maybe y’all can start to report reality, instead of your usual Democrats, Liberals, Leftists, Socialists, Communists and Muslims can do no wrong political agenda.

— — — — —

Stalin’s divide and conquer produces pogroms in Kyrgyzstan.

A photo in the San Francisco Chronicle on June 19 gave me a flashback. In a sea of barbed wire, a young mother with a toddler in one arm and infant in another was trying to get into Uzbekistan.

She is Uzbek, but lives in Kyrgyzstan, where she is now a hunted minority because Stalin deliberately put borders that mixed mutually hostile ethnic populations. This is “Divide and Conquer,” a method used by colonial powers to keep their subjects off balance and controllable.

Ya know, not to change the subject, but some folks might say the current administration here in America and those who own it lock stock and Qur’an are doing the same exact thing minus the visible ‘cleansing’…… minus it for now, that is.

— — — — —

Americans in Kyrgyzstan under official warning.

Fill your gas tanks, charge your cell phones, stay close to your homes, “keep a low profile,” and have an emergency kit available.

That so-called “emergency kit” best include some…… um…… toys…… yeah, that’s it, toys – just in case you have the absolutely unavoidable need to play (not urge, but need).

— — — — —

On eve of election in Kyrgyzstan, Otunbayeva arrives in Osh.

The head of the Kyrgyz interim government has arrived in the troubled southern city of Osh to participate in Sunday’s referendum on the constitution, a government official said Saturday. “Roza Otunbayeva will vote on Sunday in one of the regions of Osh,” government official Roza Daudova told reporters, according to the Russian state-run news agency Ria Novosti.

Kyrgyz citizens can vote from wherever they may be on Sunday, a decision intended to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of people who were displaced early this month in clashes between ethnic Kyrgyz and minority Uzbeks in Osh and neighboring Jalalabad can participate, Daudova said.

Otunbayeva said Friday that some 170 international observers will monitor Sunday’s referendum. Another government official said Saturday that about 7,500 police officers and 7,500 volunteers were being deployed to ensure security during the vote.

If Osh is the center of the storm, then this is one hell of a big system, because the elections are Kyrgy national, not just in Osh & Bishkek.

— — — — —

Agence France Presse reports that The US Senate called Friday for a “full and fair” investigation into deadly ethnic clashes in southern Kyrgyzstan and urged all parties in the former Soviet republic to refrain from violence. The Senate, in a unanimously approved resolution, also appealed for help for civilians displaced or injured as a result of the violence, especially among the ethnic Uzbek population along the Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan border.

The resolution also put the US Senate on the record as backing “calls for a full and fair investigation into the causes of the violence in southern Kyrgyzstan.”

Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry, a Democrat, and Senator Richard Lugar, the panel’s top Republican, wrote the measure.

Want to know what’s what going on there Senator Kerry ?  What about you, Senator Lugar ?  Either of you gonna stop playing kissy-face with the pure evil in the administration and start doing your job which (looks like you forgot) is to uphold and defend The Constitution ?

Subpoena that scumbag George Soros and demand to know what’s happening. He may even tell you straight out, because he doesn’t care anymore about hiding who or what he is. His hand-picked and sanitized mini-me is in the big chair at 1600, plus people crazier and much more deadly than good ‘ol Gyorgy-boy are surrounding his beloved Jihadist In Chief™.

Oh right, I forgot.  Soros owns you two Senators as well.  Never mind.

— — — — —

Keep remembering that Soros has thrown $37 Billion into one single community organizing entity in Kyrgyzstan since 1993 and now real evil is afoot in that nation and the surrounding area, including all the “change” to our military operations based there.

— — — — —

Video report from Reuters: Kyrgyzstan votes on new constitution.

The population of Kyrgyzstan has not been told what will be in their new constitution, other than the Prime Minister will have more power over the Kyrgy Parliament.

Voting options on the ballot are “Yes” and “Yes”.

Choose wisely, Kyrgyzstan.

— — — — —

Kyrgyzstan election under way amid concerns.

Official media quoted government officials saying that all 2,281 polling stations nationwide were accepting ballots.

“We expect sufficient level of voter turnout amid fears the poll could spark a resurgence of violence in the south of the country,” said Akylbek Sariyev, chairman of the central election commission.

But little was known about progress in the south, where the worst of the violence happened earlier this month.

Little is known about what’s going on in the South half of Kyrgy,……. Gee I wonder why ?

— — — — —

Behold a perfect example of what is going on in Kyrgyzstan. Two quotes from the Associated Press link to follow. You can easily determine on which side of freedom each person belongs.

“We couldn’t delay that because the power of the state had to be established.”

“In Kyrgyzstan, the people that draw up the law themselves break the law within the space of six months.”

I’m afraid that second gent has it a bit wrong. It’s about six seconds, not six months.

Kyrgyzstan holds vote only weeks after riots.

OSH, Kyrgyzstan — The people of violence-wracked Kyrgyzstan voted Sunday on a new constitution just weeks after deadly ethnic purges — a vote that the interim government hopes will legitimize the power it seized in April.

The Central Asian nation was on high security alert for the vote, deploying almost 8,000 police officers and an equal number of defense volunteers to keep the peace after rampages that killed hundreds of ethnic Uzbeks.

Seven hours after polls opened, over 41 percent of the nation’s 2.7 million eligible voters had cast their ballots, the Central Election Commission reported.

The people definitely know this election means a great deal.  They just haven’t the slightest idea what’s going to happen, because they don’t know what’s in their new Constitution and their choice is to vote for it or to vote for it.

……and to remind you again, since 1993, George Soros has given – not loaned – given $37 Billion dollars to ONE in-country community organizing entity: ARIS.

=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

27 June 2010

Kyrgyzstan Election Over ; New Constitution Approved ; Gee, what a surprise.

Kyrgyzstan’s interim president calls vote on new constitution a success, says turnout was high.

“We have passed the new constitution for our republic,” Otunbayeva said at a news conference. “It will not be an interim but a legal and legitimate government … we are leaving the word interim behind.”

Sunday’s vote – supported by the U.N., the U.S. and Russia – was seen as an important step on the road to democracy for the interim government, which came to power after former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev was ousted in April following deadly street protests. It needed the vote to legitimize its power after the uprising against Bakiyev.

“Supported by the UN, The US and Russia.”

Kyrgyzstan is doomed.

So lemme get this straight: Literally an hour or so after voting closed for 2.7 million eligible voters with a 65% turnout at a few thousand polling places and using only paper ballots, every single one of the votes was counted, verified and certified. Then, using the nations extremely intense communications and logistics network, results were transmitted to a central place for tallying and that place then got the official results to the interim PM who was in an area where electronic communications are shaky at best.

Why am I bothering…… Nobody cares.

=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

28 June 2010

The most transparent election evah !…… And it can explode at any second (probably on purpose)…… ‘Hope & Change’.

First up, a Time Magazine article.

It’s simply a switching of names and locations. The agenda is the same.

International observers on Monday praised Kyrgyzstan’s constitutional referendum, saying the vote was conducted in a transparent and remarkably peaceful manner despite a lingering climate of fear……

This is also ‘transparent’ to Time Magazine’s peace-lover-loving Jihadi Leftist Statist Marxist Totalitarian supporters: THE PEOPLE HAD NO IDEA – AND STILL HAVE NO IDEA – OF WHAT THEY VOTED FOR OR AGAINST and 65% of ’em went like sheep to the shearing pen.

Photos of Kyrgyzstan from Time Magazine Trust me that these pics have been selected for agenda-driven purposes. What went on in Kyrgyzstan is horrendous and it’s simmering still, probably coming to a boil sooner than later.

Uncut pics at The Boston Globe.

Russia warns Kyrgyzstan could implode after vote.

Medvedev says vote could empower extremists ; Says Kyrgyzstan needs strong authority ; “In its current state, there are a host of scenarios for Kyrgyzstan, including the most unpleasant scenario — going up to the collapse of the state,” Medvedev said.

The headline should have read as follows: “Russia warns Kyrgyzstan could implode after vote.”……… Especially because we will help it happen to regenerate The Sov………”

Oh, right, I can’t go there.

Not seemly to do so even though signs are pointing that way, but on a much bigger geographic scale known as ICR2P.

— — — — —

Victory is mine !

Come back here !…… I’ll bite your legs off !

Kyrgyzstan’s interim government has claimed victory in a controversial referendum, held just two weeks after 2,000 people were killed and tens of thousands were left homeless in ethnic violence.

Rosa Otunbayeva, the country’s acting leader, said she had won overwhelming support for her plan to create a new parliamentary system. “The new constitution of the Kyrgyz republic has been approved,” she said in the capital, Bishkek. “We are proud of our country, which made this choice at a difficult hour.”

What choice ?

You voted ‘yes’ or ‘yes’ and you needed to do it quickly before it was too late.

Too late for what ?

Our new Constitution.

OK, great. What’s it say ?

We can’t tell you because it has to be written and since you passed it, we can now write it and “fundamentally transform” Kyrgyzstan.

That’s teh awesum and I “hope” it’s good stuff, because “change” should happen here in Kyrgyzstan too, just like they’re getting in The United States.

=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

29 June 2010

The only thing wrong is a lack of tolerance…….. Really……. No kiddin’.

Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev says that tackling poverty and promoting tolerance among different ethnic groups were crucial to maintaining order in the region next to Afghanistan.

“Chaos and destabilisation in the region play into the hands of criminals engaged in the illegal trade of drugs, arms and human trafficking,” he said.

My, but aren’t we all hopey-changey ?

President Nazarbayev: With all respect due to an international head of state, have you…… um…… been sniffin’ glu…… er…… even remotely paying attention to th…… Oh wait……… ARIS…… George Soros……… I forgot…… Never mind.

Oh look, isn’t this sweet.  ven more hopey-changey talk.

The strategically positioned nation is in the hands of a fractious coalition of volatile personalities who look set to pitch battle against one another in parliamentary elections in October.

With Otunbayeva calling for prospective candidates in her provisional Cabinet to resign, saying that is the only way to ensure a fair playing field in the parliamentary vote, the government may be showing cracks that could rapidly lead to outright collapse.

But the appeal of a charismatic, strong-arm personality campaigning on a law and order ticket will grow stronger as perceptions of public disorder continue to fester. The Kyrgyz people may look toward somebody who can rise above the ethnic, geographical and clan loyalties that have long plagued the nation. And that could very well lead Kyrgyzstan’s tortuous trek to democracy back to square one.

The main question:  Was PM Otunbayeva for any of these cabinet ministers before she was against them ?

“……somebody who can rise above the ethnic, geographical and clan loyalties that have long plagued the nation.”

Sounds like a job for a new breed of superhero – a real honest-to-goodness “Captain Kick Ass” and Josef Stalin all rolled into one neat little Community Organizer package.

Do you know somebody like that ?…… Anybody ?…… Buehler ?…… Buehler ?

— — — — —

It was my nation and I’ll scream if I want to, scream if I want to, scream if I want to. You would scream too if it happened to you.

Minsk, Belarus (CNN) — Ousted Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiev said Monday that Sunday’s referendum establishing a new constitution was illegitimate.  He vehemently denied accusations that he was behind recent violence that killed scores of ethnic Uzbeks.

Bakiev maintained he was still president of the Central Asian nation but acknowledged he is no longer in charge and not likely to return to power any time soon.

“We believe the referendum is valid. The new constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic has been approved,” Otunbayeva said. “It will not be an interim but a legal and legitimate government,” she added.

“We are leaving the word interim behind.”

After the interview’s recording equipment was shut down, Ms. Otunbayeva was confirmed as loudly yelling “It’s Bush’s Bakiev’s fault !”

=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

30 June 2010

Are you seeing any parallels at all yet ?

Hmmmmmmmm ?

US Asst. Sec. Of State Eric Schwartz & UN Refugee Comm. Antonio Guterres visit Kyrgyzstan.

The connections deepen.

UN, US officials visit site of Kyrgyzstan clashes.

OSH, Kyrgyzstan (AP) — U.N. and U.S. officials visited southern Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday to figure out how to help some 375,000 ethnic Uzbeks driven from their homes by violence.

Rampages by majority Kyrgyz mobs that began June 10 killed hundreds of ethnic Uzbeks and reduced entire Uzbek neighborhoods to scorched ruins.

A group led by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Eric Schwartz and U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres visited the southern city of Osh – the country’s second-largest city and the epicenter of the violence.

Do you know who those gents are who were skipping down the streets of Osh hand in hand whistling show tunes together ?

My header for this entry should have said the following: US Leftist Asst. Sec. Of State (and CFR member) Eric Schwartz, along with UN one-world-Totalitarian Rule believer Commissioner Antonio Guterres visit Kyrgyzstan…… Common denominator: Do the initials ‘G.S.’ mean anything to you ?

The UN and CFR Burma connection with Mr. Schwartz and ‘guess who’.

Background on Asst. Sec. Of State Schwartz.

— — —

The Center For American Progress connection with Mr. Guterres and ‘guess who’.

Press Conference with Democracy and Human Rights Leaders Regarding Reform of the U.N. Human Rights System.

Antonio Manuel De Oliveira Guterres, Global Alliances
George Soros, Open Society Institute

Antonio Guterres, Former Portugese Prime Minister – 2009 Forbes #64 Most Powerful Person In The World.

Don’t you dare tell me connecting the three of them is a stretch, or a thin hook up at best.

ARIS – The community organizing entity in Kyrgyzstan that ‘G.S’. gave over $37 Billion to since 1993.

Like minds of their nature tend to interact when it matters to them, usually on a global-planning scale, sometimes even giving each other pats on the back in public.

With the Statists, Totalitarian, one-worlders, the relationships and actual in-person meet-ups are not uncommon, but usually are kept in the background – on purpose.

— — — — —

Uzbekistan Sending Wounded Refugees Back To Kyrgyzstan.

OSH, Kyrgyzstan — Kyrgyzstan’s Health Ministry has said it’s begun transporting wounded refugees from Uzbekistan to hospitals in the southern Kyrgyz regions of Osh and Jalal-Abad, RFE/RL’s Kyrgyz Service reports.

Mamataliyev Erkin, 37, wounded in southern Kyrgyzstan, recovers in a hospital in the eastern Uzbek town of Andizhan June 18, 2010. (REUTERS photo by Shamil Zhumatov)

The press release said officials plan to transport a total of some 180 injured refugees back to Kyrgyzstan.

It noted that some 2,240 people have asked for medical assistance and an additional 1,050 have been hospitalized since violence broke out between ethnic Uzbeks and Kyrgyz in the southern cities of Osh and Jalal-Abad on June 10.

My initial thought after reading the headline and before reading the article was, ‘Do they want to go back ?’

Kyrgyz humanitarian crisis enters new phase.

The humanitarian crisis in Kyrgyzstan entered a new phase Wednesday as relief agencies rushed to shift their aid to refugees returning to their burned and looted homes and warned of more widespread violence if they fail to dampen tensions.

In the Kara-Suu district of Osh, tents provided by the UNHCR have been pitched up within the charred remains of Uzbek houses, allowing families to live on the sites of their former homes and begin the painstaking reconstruction effort. The U.N. has appealed for $71 million in emergency assistance funds, in part to rebuild homes before the winter sets in.

But Uzbeks huddled outside the husks of their homes complained that the Kyrgyz government was not distributing international aid to them. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Eric Schwartz raised the issue with senior Kyrgyz officials during Wednesday’s visit, urging them to provide “fair and equal distribution of assistance.”

Kyrgyz officials countered with their own warning to international aid agencies to distribute aid to Kyrgyz as well, some of whose homes were also burned during the clashes in Osh, the country’s second-largest city. “The wounds are still very fresh and far from healing, so if you give help only to one side, then the other side could see it as unjust,” said Aigul Ryskulova, Kyrgyzstan’s presidential coordinator for refugees and humanitarian aid.

Read it all.

It’s beyond politicized. ARIS has got to be deeply involved here and they’re keeping an insanely low profile.

— — — — —

Found this link by accident – a five-day-old report from UPI.


OTTAWA, June 25 (UPI) — A polio outbreak in Tajikistan raises concerns the disease could spread to other regions in the world, an editorial in a Canadian journal says.

The editorial, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, says this is the first persistent outbreak of polio in a country that was previously certified to be polio-free and it is imperative that health agencies try to limit further spread by ensuring high vaccination rates. Cases are appearing in Russia and Uzbekistan.


There are NO coincidences anymore…… NONE.

=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

1 July 2010

We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

Huddled in the charred ruins of what is left of their homes, Uzbeks say that arrests and raids by government troops have become part of their lives in the wake of last month’s violence in the volatile Central Asian nation.

“We are not afraid of mobs or looters. We are afraid of the military,” said Misiryo Ismanova, as her five-year-old daughter played in the rubble outside the blackened shell of their house.

About 2,000 servicemen are now deployed in Osh. Servicemen patrol the dusty streets wielding AK-47s, some wearing T-shirts and trainers.  The authorities say their mission is to take weapons from civilians, arrest criminals and restore order.

But…… but……but…… Kyrgyzstan’s people just voted on and approved a new Constitution !…… It’s all better now !…… Teh gubmint said so !


Enslavement, tyranny, elimination of all individual rights,


Wait…… “take weapons from civilians” ?!?

Why would a building Totalitarian government financed by George Soros want to take weapons away from civilians ?

— — — — —

The following article is translated from Bulgarian and on that nation’s “Focus Information Agency” – an independent news service.

EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva to visit Kyrgyzstan to assess the humanitarian situation.

European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian assistance and Crisis Response, Kristalina Georgieva, will leave today for Kyrgyzstan, press centre of the European Commission representation in Sofia announced. During the two-day visit the EU Commissioner will discuss the humanitarian situation with Kyrgyz authorities and the opportunity to visit the town of Osh, which was most seriously affected by the recent ethnic clashes.

Yep, go on ahead and talk to the people who are causing the problem on what to do about the problem.

Makes total sense.

Daaaaaaaah…… You can’t outsmart her, because she’s a moron.

Somebody pass me the gaffer’s tape.

Gotta wrap my head a few more times so when it explodes, I don’t leave a mess here at ISU.

— — — — —

Radio Free Asia.

China’s dissident elder statesman sees something to learn from a neighboring republic.

Clueless, simply clueless…… or is it deliberately misleading ?

This “game” is being “played” by untold power with millions of lives used as the “game pieces”.

=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

3 July 2010

We’re from the government and we’re going to help whether you want it or not.

“I promise that before the onset of cold weather, the Kyrgyz government will provide housing for all who lost the roofs over their head,”…… Roza Otunbayeva, Inauguration speech, 2 July 2010.

Kyrgyzstan swears in caretaker president.

“As president, I will spare no effort in creating a new political culture based on strict adherence to the rule of law,” Otunbayeva said in a speech interrupted periodically by bouts of rhythmic clapping from the audience.

The rhythmic clapping went along with rhythmic chanting: Yes We Can…… Yes We Can…… Yes We Can.

Pray tell, how is the Kyrgyzstan government – one not exactly known for being flush with cash – how are they going to build all that housing ?

Remember how many structures in Osh and Bishkek were destroyed during the Muslim terrorist enhanced violent riots protests ?

What’s that you said ?…… Some NGO will come along and take over ruling the government donate some funds ?

Awesome – You were paying attention.

Give yourself a cookie.

The IMF says Kyrgyzstan’s annual GDP is less than $5 Billion, with a per-capita income of less than $1,000.

ARIS – A Kyrgy-based community organizing agency ; $37 Billion from George Soros since 1993.

Looks like Mr. Soros has ‘gone to contract’ on at least one more nation.


We now fast-forward to today.

As stated above, first we’ll repeat the initial article regarding the elections.


29 October 2011

Wanna bet Gyorgy Soros is buying a nation ?

Polls opened in Kyrgyzstan on Sunday in the first presidential election since last year’s bloody revolution and deadly ethnic violence.

The ex-Soviet Central Asian nation of 5.3 million people on the border with China faces a key test, for in its 20 years of independence the deeply divided nation has not had a peaceful transition of presidential power.

Voters are choosing one of the 16 presidential candidates at 2,289 polling stations throughout the mountainous country.

Kyrgyzstan is an important partner for US operations against the Taliban. It is the only country in the world that hosts both US and Russian military bases.

Betcha that when the ‘open and transparent’ elections in Kyrgyzstan are over, the first thing the new president and government does is tell America to get out.

How can I say that about the animal species Gyorgysaurus Scumbagicus and Kyrgyzstan’s about-to-be-elected new government ?


That ARIS number is well over $40 Billion now.


30 October 2011

Voters in Kyrgyzstan cast presidential ballots.

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan (AP) — Voters in the turbulent Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan voted Sunday in a presidential election that could set a democratic example for authoritarian neighbors.

While international observers have hailed the wide range of candidates on offer and recent improvements to electoral legislation, there are concerns that the vote could ignite interregional tensions.

Kyrgyzstan, an impoverished nation of around 5 million people on China’s western fringes, is home to both U.S. and Russian military air bases, making its fortunes the subject of lively international interest.

So then, who’s up for some hope and change in Kyrgyzstan ?

Answering that question would be The Social Democratic Party Of Kyrgyzstan and their winning candidate named Almazbek Atambaev.

Election over, Mr. Atambaev won – by a wide margin.

Wide enough of a margin enough that it was obvious the other candidates were beaten before they even announced their candidacy.

Preliminary returns from nearly all precincts have shown Atambayev winning over 60 percent of votes in Sunday’s election, easily pushing aside his closest rivals.

“What we observed also made clear that serious action is needed to ensure integrity of voting, counting and tabulation,” said Corien Jonker, head of the election observation mission of the OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

Jonker said many people were not included on the voter lists, making them unable to vote.

Gee, what a surprise.

A Soros-funded candidate won by more than double the percentage of his closest opponent and many citizens were denied the right to vote because of a list.

Mr. Almazbek Sharshenovich Atambayev – He looks very clean.  I bet he’s really articulate too.

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Of course #HeilObama supports the election result, USA Today. What did you expect ? Soros bought the whole thing for ICR2P with an articulate and clean candidate offering hope and change.

President Obama hailed the results of elections in Kyrgyzstan, even as losing candidates declared fraud.

The AFP wire service reports that “Kyrgyzstan’s moderate prime minister Monday won the presidency of the violence-scarred nation with a decisive election victory, but his rivals refused to recognize the result amid claims of fraud.”

Statement by The President on elections in Kyrgyzstan

I congratulate the people and government of Kyrgyzstan for yesterday’s democratic and peaceful presidential election.

In casting their ballots, the Kyrgyz people have taken an important and courageous step on the path of democracy and demonstrated their commitment to an orderly and open transition of power.

I commend President Otunbayeva for her leadership and for her dedication to a vision of peaceful, democratic change. I also congratulate the many Kyrgyz leaders in government and civil society who worked to realize this moment of promise.

The people of Kyrgyzstan will have a partner in the United States as they undertake the hard work of building upon the democratic gains of the past eighteen months and realizing a democratic, prosperous and just future for all Kyrgyz citizens.

What the hell are you doing, boy?.................. Sir, I have to make it look like everything’s going great, so I’m playing golf just like all the typical bitter clinging Hobbits do every day.

Here’s your fraud:  The Social Democrat Party Of Kyrgyzstan is a Totalitarian organization with members locked into ARIS, a non-governmental community organizing agency funded by George Soros over the past 18 years to the tune of $40 Billion.

That’s billion with a ‘B’.

There’s no way possible our humble but lovable Dictator In Training Pants™ would ever go against this.  The new Kyrgy president is damn near his clone and now runs an incredibly strategically located nation.

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Are you kidding me ?

How long have these leftist bastages been involved ?

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

So of course, the next step……

Use your favorite search engine and enter “Carnegie Endowment, George Soros”.

Hilarity ensues.

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Well…… That didn’t take long.

Kyrgyzstan’s New President: America, Get Out Of My Country !

Kyrgyzstan’s president-elect said Tuesday that the U.S. air base needs to close by 2014 because its presence on Kyrgyz soil puts this former Soviet nation at risk of retaliatory strikes from those in conflict with the United States.

See…… I told you so.

Guaranteed very soon, none of our other ‘friends’ and ‘peace partners’ in the region will allow us to continue to base in their nations either.

And ‘somebody’ will bow to a CrackBerry, replying ‘as-salaam ala’kum’.

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Somebody had to be first.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has congratulated Almazbek Atambayev, the newly elected president of Kyrgyzstan.  Speaking on the phone, Erdogan congratulated Atambayev, and wished him success in his term in office.

Atambayev’s spokesman Kadir Toktogulov told AA on Monday that Erdogan was the first leader who congratulated new Kyrgyz president.  Atambayev won the presidential election in the first round of voting by gaining 63.19 percent of votes.

Maybe when the SHTF in Kyrgyzstan, Horse Nuts can fund and send a flotilla there to help. Nobody tell the bastage that Kyrgy is landlocked.


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JALAL-ABAD, Kyrgyzstan (AP) — The most vocal opponent of Kyrgyzstan presidential election winner Almazbek Atambayev said Friday that he would refrain from holding mass rallies to protest the vote, dispelling fears of renewed public disturbances in the turbulent Central Asian nation.

Defeated presidential candidate and nationalist leader Kamchibek Tashiyev said he would not allow supporters to seize state buildings, a strategy that has been used before by hardened government opponents.

Mr. Kamchibek Tashiyev

The prospect of a smooth hand-over of power from outgoing President Roza Otunbayeva, a former diplomat who took power in April 2010 after the overthrow of former leader Kurmanbek Bakiyev in a public uprising, to Atambayev will come as relief to the international community.

Guaranteed that Mr. Tasiyev was made an offer he couldn’t refuse…… Shut up or die violently in the most public manner possible.

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We’ll continue to update this posting as the Totalitarianism unfolds.

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Kenny Solomon
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8 Responses to Kyrgyzstan

  1. Wow Kenny. All I can say is I am mightily impressed. This needs to be sent somewhere, not sure where. But somewhere.

  2. Jane Novak says:

    holy toledo!! really i had no idea, thats huge stuff . very complex and very informative post. i cant get past the ethnic cleansing to let the soros/O-ness shocka sink in. wow just wow .

  3. At first I thought that map was going to be oil pipelines.

  4. Vassar Bushmills says:

    Important time-line,KS. I’ll keep this tabbed. Soros is doing what we could, only for democrarcy, grass roots organizing. I’ve been pushing that for years. It’s easy. Just published a little monograph The Prospects for Democracy and the Arab House, that more or less mirrors what Soros is doing only on the cheap.

    (Personally this black background kills my eyes..but it does set a tone.)

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