If Iran threatens Israel, France will not stand by and ignore it.

Zatt eez korrekt.

“Iran’s behavior and its obsession over the desire to achieve military nuclear capability is a violation of international law,” Sarkozy was quoted by Channel 10 News as having said.

“France strongly condemns Iran’s noncompliance of these laws,” the French President added.


The government of France must be serious about keeping their word to Israel, because all French military personnel have just been issued updated versions of The French Army Knife.


‘Allo… Whoo eez eet ?

It is King E. Phil Chew™ and these are my Knights Of The Round Bagel. Who’s castle is this ?

Zees eez zee kassel uhff my mastah, Nous Rendons.

Eet eez fherrie nyze.


E. Phil Chew™
a.k.a. Kenny Solomon
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2 Responses to If Iran threatens Israel, France will not stand by and ignore it.

  1. Dhon Alee says:

    its everything already done there. what america can , no other country can be captured or occupied , maybe they will leave now they knew they cannot more than this

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