Dennis Ross says buh-bye.

Gone is the last of the people in the #HeilObama administration who were even remotely okay with Israel existing.


(Reuters) – The flagging U.S. effort to broker new Middle East peace talks took a fresh hit on Thursday when presidential advisor Dennis Ross stepped down, leaving the White House without its chief Mideast strategist and one of its most seasoned peace negotiators.

Ross, who served on the National Security Council as a special advisor to President Barack Obama, has been a key figure on the White House Mideast team and also an important voice in U.S. policy on Iran.

“Dennis Ross has an extraordinary record of public service and has been a critical member of the president’s team for nearly three years,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said in a statement.

“…extraordinary record…”

When part of the Klingon Clinton administration, Mr. Ross was the point man who forced the Oslo Accords on Israel.

How’d that ‘peace’ work out for ya ?

I’ll give Mr. Ross one thing though. He truly was/is the least scumbaggy of the complete and total scumbags that make up the entire #HeilObama administration.

Wanna bet Samantha (Mrs. Cass ‘Nudge’ Sunstein) Power gets ‘promoted’ to Mr. Ross’ position ?

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