The Jerusalem Café — ‘Sploded by owner.

The place, she’s a-go boomski.

Confirmed — It was NOT a gas leak.

Owner charged with makin’ his place go all ‘splodey.

Deny, deny, deny.

Updated — Scroll down.

Smoke poured out of Jerusalem Restaurant Sunday after an apparent explosion just before 9 p.m.

“We were all standing outside smoking, and the next thing we hear, there was this boom,” said TJ Crank, 24, who was in front of the neighboring Baba Budan’s at the time of the incident. “The whole front of Jerusalem was gone.”

Witnesses at the scene said an unidentified man walked out of the building, located at 235 W. McMillan St., shortly after the explosion.

“After a second, this guy stumbles out, glass in the back of his head, blood pouring down,” Crank said. “And a pickup truck comes out of nowhere — a black one — and he just gets in.”

Let’s see…… What could have caused this ?

1.  A big ol’ “oops” during remodeling let loose a gas line and whoever was inside did the boogidee lickety-split.

– or –

2.  Copper thieves inside after ‘normal’ working hours cut the gas line to steal the piping, but forgot to shut off the supply valve.

Has to be one of those possibilities, because nothing – NOTHING – else could  remotely detonate cause the entire front of a restaurant to blow apart.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something.   This cafe isn’t in Jerusalem.   It’s across the street from a high school and few blocks from The University Of Cincinnati.   You know…… Ohio, USA.

Click here for a video report from The News Record – The student newspaper at The University Of Cincinnati.

Almost forgot this too:  BATFE is investigating the incident.

Shhhhhh !   Don’t tell anyone BATFE is involved !   That could mean there’s a never-ever-to-be-implied cause of the Middle-Eastern Mediterranean restaurant blowing apart.

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Update 1 — 9:00pm Eastern ; 14 November 2011

CLIFTON HEIGHTS – The owner of the Clifton Heights restaurant rocked by an explosion Sunday night was recently indicted on a theft charge.

According to the Cincinnati Health Department, a company called Amjud LLC holds the license for the Jerusalem Restaurant on West McMillan at Clifton.  The eatery’s owner is listed as Aiman Arabeiat, 45.

According to Hamilton County court records, Arabeiat recently was indicted on a theft charge for allegedly stealing car parts, an ignition tumbler and a skim module, from a woman’s 2006 Chrysler Sebring in Mt. Healthy.  The indictment was signed Aug. 28, and he was booked into the county jail two days later.  He remains free on his own recognizance.

So far, the cause of the explosion has not been determined.  But officials have ruled out a natural gas leak, a Duke Energy official said Monday.  “We were cleared of gas being involved last night,” said Sally Thelen, a Duke Energy spokesperson.

Cincinnati Arson Investigators and federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives spent the night at the scene and remained there Monday.  Cincinnati’s chief fire inspector, Capt. Dan Rottmueller, said it was too soon to tell what may have sparked the explosion – or how long the probe could even take.


‘The probe’ will take as long as necessary for everyone to forget anything happened and the origin of the party involved and that BATFE was “helping” in the investigation and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.


By the way, Aiman Arabeiat.

The first name in Arabic means “Fearless”.

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Update 2 — 6:00am Eastern ; 15 November 2011



Cincinnati Fire Captain Dan Rottmueller confirmed that the person injured in the explosion was the restaurateur, Aiman Arabeiat. Initial reports indicated that the owner’s son had been hurt. The owner’s son, though, drove Arabeiat in a pickup truck, Rottmueller said.

The truck took Arabeiat to Christ Hospital, according to an emergency dispatch report. From there, Arabeiat was transferred to University Hospital.  Investigators towed the truck from the hospital.

However, on Monday night, University Hospital had no information to release on Arabeiat, a spokesman said.



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Update 3 — 8:00am Eastern ; 18 November 2011

Where he’s headed, “Fearless” better not drop the soap.

Then again, the goat-loving Quranimal might be into it.

The owner of the restaurant damaged in a weekend explosion is to be arraigned today on two counts of aggravated arson.

Aiman Arabeiat, owner of the Jerusalem Restaurant, was the only one injured in the Sunday night blaze. He has been at University Hospital for treatment of his burns, but court records show he was charged Thursday.

The charges also noted Arabeiat, 45, created a “substantial risk of physical harm” to a woman who was in the building at the time of the blast. She was not in the restaurant but was in an apartment in the building, according to the fire investigator.

Arabeiat was not booked into the jail but was given a citation on the first-degree felony.

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Update 4 — 5:00pm Eastern ; 18 November 2011

The unusual case of a restaurant explosion took an even more bizarre turn Friday when the restaurant owner who is charged with torching his own business denied the allegations from his sick bed and described how officials at the Hamilton County jail refused to admit him – not once but twice – because he is so badly burned.

Aiman Arabeiat, owner of the Jerusalem Restaurant in Clifton Heights, faces two counts of aggravated arson, first-degree felonies.

Arabeiat, who was the only one burned, suffered second-degree burns on much of his body: hands, face and legs. He also has stitches across the back of his skull after something struck him when the McMillan Street eatery he has owned for the past four years blew up.  He was taken to University Hospital for treatment of burns but was released and criminally charged Thursday afternoon.

Click on the link and read it all.

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Update 4 — 7:00pm Eastern ; 23 November 2011

A Hamilton County grand jury indicted Aiman Arabeiat, accusing him of two counts of arson. The arson charges carry a maximum sentence of 19 years in prison.

Also indicted in the same incident was Amjud Aiman Arabeiat, 19, of Symmes Township, the restaurant owner’s son, accused of tampering with evidence for allegedly getting rid of his father’s burned clothing after the fire.


Scene in court……

Judge:  “Defense Attorney Joohatingscum, in the matter before this court, how does your client plead ?”

Defense Attorney:  “Judge Clintbamapointee, your honor, if it please the court: It’s Bush’s fault, the tea party caused my client’s trouble and Teh Juice bankers would not loan Mr. Arabeiat money to finish his gathering place for Al-Qae…… Um…… community organizing meetings. Therefore your honor, my client pleads not guilty by reason of refusal of submission to Islam.”

Judge:  “Very well Mr. Joohatingscum…… Mr. Arabeiat, I can see no reason to detain you further, please be more careful with future use of Semtex when remodeling your cafe. Case dismissed.”

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H/T to my friend Kerry for the first update.

4 Responses to The Jerusalem Café — ‘Sploded by owner.

  1. faboutlaws says:

    Has anyone ruled out a fat assed Arab passing gas near an ignition source as the cause?

  2. faboutlaws says:

    This smells like an insurance scam. Maybe he shoulda tried to start a flood instead. The worst that would happen in a snafu is an Arab with a fresh bath.

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