President Peres, a sidebar if you will.

Sir, if I may explain something……

Iran is morally corrupt and spoiled, President Shimon Peres told CNN’s Piers Morgan Monday night. “An attack on its moral foundations is needed.”

“They are the only country that threatens to destroy another country openly,” and an attack on the Islamic Republic’s foundations is needed “because Iran is a spoiled country. It is morally corrupt.”

Concerning sanctions and promises to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power, he said, “We expect that the leaders that make a promise will fulfill it.”

If military action is needed, President Peres said that he hopes Israel will not be alone in attacking Iran’s nuclear sites, but added, “I would rather see tighter economic sanctions [and] closer political pressure.  Israel will first of all see what the world is doing.”


President Peres, Sir, there’s a bit of a problem with your thoughts on peace-loving Iran:  They would first have to possess morals for those to be corrupted.

The entire Muslim socio-religious theocratic nightmare is based on death, violence and at-gunpoint subjugation of everyone and everything.  Except Jews of course.  No need to subjugate people you’re sworn to and working towards eliminating, right ?




Outenzee get of your

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