Loya Jirga — A target-rich environment

Lawn Chair: Check.
Sunglasses: Check.
Sweet Iced Tea: Check.
Popcorn: Check.

This could be a good’un……

The last time a traditional “loya jirga,” a grand council meeting, was held in the Afghan capital, the Taliban fired rockets at the gathering, and President Hamid Karzai had to be hustled away by his security detail.

“The permanent presence of America and other invaders spells nothing but the absolute fall and decline for our glorious nation,” the statement said, warning that “infidel” forces would suffer an ignominious defeat.

Over the weekend, the Taliban obtained and posted what its leaders said was a copy of the government’s security plan for the jirga.

‘Somebody’ should order a a nice volley centered here: 34° 31′ 0″ North, 69° 11′ 0″ East — Then branch out in an ever-widening 360° pattern until the ‘problem’ is solved.

But that ‘somebody’ is standing with his brothers the Muslims because the political wind has been force-shifted in their direction.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

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