Tennessee State Representative Rick Womick

Presented without commentary.

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2 Responses to Tennessee State Representative Rick Womick

  1. Bruce O'H. says:

    I sent Rep Womick an email of support the other day. I received this reply back from him…

    Rick Womick rep.rick.womick@capitol.tn.gov

    Thank you Bruce for your words of support and encouragement. My website will
    soon be able to take donations at: RickWomick34th.com

    I didn’t run to get “reelected.” I ran to do what is right. Thanks again for writing.


    His statement about donations is in answer to a question of mine about where to send a donation. He was not soliciting me.

  2. liberty12 says:

    I doubt few Americans ever heard about this story in 2003, but I’m sure events like this are exactly what Rep. Womick is concerned about:

    Grenade Attack Suspect Shot at Fellow Soldiers

    Pray for our servicemen/women.

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