France Irate Over IAF Gaza Air Strike

Their “glorious, praiseworthy” Consul got a boo-boo.

Israeli Ambassador to France Yossi Gal was summoned by the French Foreign Ministry Wednesday to receive a tongue lashing about Israel’s air strike Sunday in Gaza.

The IDF had retaliated against the Palestinian Authority terrorists who were raining mortar shells and rocket fire on cities and towns in southern Israel for days.   One Hamas “police officer” was killed in the raid, and four other members of the terrorist organization were wounded.

Guess who also got hurt: The French Consul To ‘Palestine’.

The head of France’s Gaza consulate, Majdi Shakura, was hurt in an Israeli airstrike on the Palestinian territory on the night of Sunday to Monday.

Sucks to be you, peace lover, but it’s not cool that your wife and kid got hit.   Then again, why do you have them in a war zone?   Oh yeah, shield and all that.   Silly me, I forgot.


Here’s a hint: France is actually not a Moose Limb nation (yet), so why would their Consul To ‘Palestine’ be a Quranimal ?   Easy answer:  ‘Westerners’ are not allowed in ‘Palestine’.

Mr. Shakura’s first name in Islam means “Glorious, Praiseworthy” and I’m sure he has France’s ‘best interests’ covered 100% of the time.

Actually, he probably does, because France is voluntarily, willingly and with joy, submitting to Islam at the turn of every page and lately has become an actual threat to Israel’s existence.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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